If Mass Immigration Is Not A Problem



If Mass Immigration is not a Problem


Former President Barack Obama was in the media criticizing President Trump saying that the “caravans” were a fabrication by the GOP and were nothing new as they have been happening for a long time. So immediately questions came to mind. If you knew it was happening when you were Senator Obama why did you not attempt to write legislation to change the immigration laws? Or during your 8 years as President why did you not push the Congress you had been part of to conduct immigration reform? Lastly show me since 1990 when we had internationally organized mass immigration marchers trekking through Central America and Mexico intentionally crossing the US border? Or why did you as President allow unvetted immigrants from Middle Eastern nations into the US without so much as a blink?


What we are seeing today is a U.N. sponsored and sanctioned attempt to override the sovereignty of the US as well as other countries by providing “escorts” for the massive migration “caravans” which are not caravans at all, but organized waves of invaders.


What is disheartening is the fact that former President Obama and the members of Congress who should be supporting President Trump’s efforts to strengthen our Southern border had in fact become a “legislative wall” preventing national security.


Earlier (January 25th of this year), President Trump met with Congressional leaders of both major political parties to talk about Comprehensive Immigration Reform. During the meeting each member received President Trump’s proposed plan to reform immigration laws. As cameras rolled all the Congressional power players smiled and conducted themselves cordially to let the public know how they were open to working with the President on this matter. After the cameras were removed from the meeting room it was a different story and what was leaked to America by Democrats was a misquotation and out of context statement that President Trump called immigrants thieves and criminals and that he hated immigrant. Do you remember?


What has Congress done since that time on immigration reform? What changes have been made to the Southern border or to immigration across the board for that matter?


More importantly why are we seeing these massive organized hordes of people from so many nations being rammed like a ramrod through Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico while being aimed directly at US border crossings?


It is way past time for Congress to act. In my opinion it is time for President Trump to get Congress back in session, where they should remain until they fix immigration, confirm presidential nominees and begin earning the trust of the people who elected them.


Here is the White House Framework on Immigration Reform and Border Security that President Trump issued on January 25, 2018. It can be found online it its original format.








White House Framework on Immigration Reform & Border Security





Issued on: January 25, 2018


BORDER SECURITY: Securing the Southern and Northern border of the United States takes a combination of physical infrastructure, technology, personnel, resources, authorities, and the ability to close legal loopholes that are exploited by smugglers, traffickers, cartels, criminals and terrorists.


The Department of Homeland Security must have the tools to deter illegal immigration; the ability to remove individuals who illegally enter the United States; and the vital authorities necessary to protect national security.


These measures below are the minimum tools necessary to mitigate the rapidly growing surge of illegal immigration.


$25 billion trust fund for the border wall system, ports of entry/exit, and northern border improvements and enhancements.


Close crippling personnel deficiencies by appropriating additional funds to hire new DHS personnel, ICE attorneys, immigration judges, prosecutors and other law enforcement professionals.


Hiring and pay reforms to ensure the recruitment and retention of critically-needed personnel.


Deter illegal entry by ending dangerous statutorily-imposed catch-and-release and by closing legal loopholes that have eroded our ability to secure the immigration system and protect public safety.


Ensure the detention and removal of criminal aliens, gang members, violent offenders, and aggravated felons.


Ensure the prompt removal of illegal border-crossers regardless of country of origin.


Deter visa overstays with efficient removal.


Ensure synthetic drugs (fentanyl) are prevented from entering the country.


Institute immigration court reforms to improve efficiency and prevent fraud and abuse.


DACA LEGALIZATION: Provide legal status for DACA recipients and other DACA-eligible illegal immigrants, adjusting the time-frame to encompass a total population of approximately 1.8 million individuals.


10-12 year path to citizenship, with requirements for work, education and good moral character.


Clear eligibility requirements to mitigate fraud.


Status is subject to revocation for criminal conduct or public safety and national security concerns, public charge, fraud, etc.


PROTECT THE NUCLEAR FAMILY: Protect the nuclear family by emphasizing close familial relationships.

Promote nuclear family migration by limiting family sponsorships to spouses and minor children only (for both Citizens and LPRs), ending extended-family chain migration.


Apply these changes prospectively, not retroactively, by processing the “backlog.”


ELIMINATE LOTTERY AND REPURPOSE VISAS: The Visa Lottery selects individuals at random to come to the United States without consideration of skills, merit or public safety.


This program is riddled with fraud and abuse and does not serve the national interest.


Eliminate lottery and reallocate the visas to reduce the family-based “backlog” and high-skilled employment “backlog.”



These are not only reasonable, but a common sense approach to controlling migration into the US by allowing individuals and families who are intent on becoming constructive members of our society and grabbing hold of the American Dream.


Should Congress continually fail to do their constitutional legislative duty President Trump could use his constitutional authority to close the entire US Southern border from Texas to California until immigration reform is accomplished, at which time orderly and lawful immigration could continue. – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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    The real problem is that the Democrats want more illegals so they can vote for them and furthermore they are running out of American citizens because they kill them before they are born and those that are born now get to wear a MAGA hat which proves “they got thru the Democrat killing fields.” Why is this happening – the Dem’s are trying to change the color of the U.S. Any one with an IQ knows that. Stop electing these ignorant Democrats.



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