Ramp it Up President Trump

Trump Rally



Ramp it Up President Trump


America has been on a roller coaster ride for almost 2 years. The offended have become the offenders in an “anything goes” political environment. It has come down to the “Never Trumpers” against the “Forever Trumpers” in a literal battle of the Swamp War.


President Trump tweets or says something and after various media slanted “Breaking News” announces and the entire world seems to erupt into chaos as everything is “Trumps fault”. Sound about right?


What I keep hearing from both the right and the left is Trump’s not qualified and he should “tone it down”. You know don’t get in their faces. Don’t stir up the pot. Don’t stoke the flames of hate. Stop being the racist who hates immigrants so much. These naysayers are coming out from all sides and literally searching for something to stop Trump in his tracks and saying he’s bad for America. Yeah right.


Do you know what polar opposites are? It’s the old North Pole versus South Pole thing where they are so far left that they think they’re right.


During the campaign prior to the 2016 presidential election Donald J. Trump made several promises to American voters.

Four things really stick out.

First he promised to build that wall.

Second he promised to drain the swamp.

Third he said we’re going to win, win, win until we asked him to stop winning, we can’t handle it.

Fourth he said we’re going to Make America Great Again.


Instead of embracing these as four positives, people get offended and act like he is promising to poke them in the eye with a big stick four times.


They say hindsight is 20/20 and what I see happening is politicians who previously championed border security and were for building a wall, now are adamantly against it simply because Trump is not a politician and he’s pushing it. Isn’t it like someone with a big shiny new car, running out of gas and complaining that the tow truck driver is racist because he wants to tow the car to a gas station?


Trump promised to drain the swamp in Washington and many Americans didn’t even know Washington had a swamp. Looking back we see that there are many layers to this political swamp. Politicians, lobbyists and even bystanders all trying to keep things the way they were and at all costs. If the swamp was a huge dam with a small crack with water beginning to leak, they would all be fighting each other to insure that nobody was the first one to plug the hole, and then complaining that the hole is getting bigger.


Trump said we would tire of winning and he was right. They are all fighting to see who can become the biggest loser. That might be great for a television show, but after all winning is a good thing. When American’s work, they are contributing to society, they feel good about themselves and we all become stronger together.


Trump also said we are going to Make America Great Again. The naysayers are quick to say America was never great and to that I say “poppycock”; “hogwash”; and “horsepucky”. If America was never great we would all be speaking German after World War I and there would have been no industrial revolution in America. Instead of being called the new world, it might have been called the New Germany. Instead of calling for American dollars to bail out many third world nations, we would have been a third world nation ourselves, possibly 50 insignificant third world nations. The United Nations would have never been conceived in New York and funded by American tax dollars. And Barack Obama would never have been the first African-American to become President because after World War I there would no longer have been a United States of America.


So instead of caving in to the voices of many who have no vision, no future for America, or no idea of how to push ahead successfully, instead of toning it down I say Ramp It Up President Trump! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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