Trumpmania What’s It All About In A Nutshell



Trumpmania What’s It All About In A Nutshell


I wanted to start off the 2019 Real Truckmaster Series deciphering Trumpmania and why it matters. Contrary to what the Liberals on the left or Rhinos on the right might lead you to believe it’s not about Donald Trump or even that he is President of the United States.


The issue goes much, much deeper than what you might imagine. To get a true idea one would have to look back on the life of private citizen Donald Trump. For those of not on the east coast or from the New York City lifestyle it’s a non-issue. Many had never heard of Trump, and what we did hear wasn’t impressive.


I mean who cares about the goings on of the rich and famous anyway? Unless you are part of that crowd something called raising family and putting bread on the table take a much higher priority. Like me the military kept me pretty much focused on other things. After the military it was adjusting to civilian life and reacting to the health issues which followed.


Because my kids had grown, married and had children of their own my life took an unexpected turn as I became grandpa and chauffer to the younger generation. Yup McDonalds play area became my focus, along with Happy Meals and walks with the young ones in the local Bear Creek Park.


So I didn’t enjoy Esquire, Star Magazine or the latest business journals to worry about this New York Real Estate Tycoon and Business Executive of the Trump Organization. As we used to say our worlds would never collide, we were in an entirely different universe.


Politics was not my focus either, so I didn’t pay attention to the hob-knobbing of the capitol hill crowd or who was getting their picture taken with “the Donald” or flying around to the latest hot spots.


I could sense that things had changed after 9/11/01 and when President George W. Bush stated that you are either with us or you are against us. America suddenly became patriotic and veterans found ways to contribute as our best and brightest went into the military to fight for America.


I did hear a rumor that the businessman tycoon sent his airplane to help out some of America’s troops who were stranded after coming back from the war. I verified the story a bit later and found out the tycoon was Donald Trump.


If you’ve read any of my previous articles you’ll find that a number of them referenced the beginning of the Trump Resistance Movement happened during the 2015-16 presidential campaign cycle after it became clear that the Republican nominee would be Donald J. Trump.


Without going into great detail I’ll let you in on a little clue. (God told Donald Trump to run for president). In fact Trump called a famous evangelist and told her, then asked for her advice and prayer. This was confirmed through a completely different source when God revealed to a prominent Dallas businessman and instructed him to tell Donald Trump. During a meeting at Trump Tower in 2015 in a room full of pastors and evangels Donald Trump as informed that he would in fact become president. He would not become just another “politician” president but had a specific purpose to fulfill. Donald Trump would become POTUS #45 and God said he would be an “Isaiah 45 President”. He would become a sword against the Spirit of Political Correctness that had taken control in America.


So the Trump Resistance began when God called Donald Trump and Trump said “Here am I Lord”. No don’t get the idea that Trump is some sort of Billy Graham or Pat Robertson who grew up in the church. Trump has been religious all his life and attended church every Sunday and during holidays whenever he could. He had the knowledge of God and the salvation plan, but he had no relationship with God (essential for salvation). The church calls that the “Salvation Knowledge of God”.


It is my opinion that Trump Resistance is in fact a manifestation of resistance to God by the devil who sees this as a way to derail God’s plan from being completed. I am not trying to say this is a biblical interpretation of Trump or America as it relates to the last days or the end times.


I am saying that all throughout the bible we read of insignificant men and women who were called and used by God to accomplish specific goals. Some were good, others not so good but all were available and when they yielded themselves to God, his plan became manifest into reality.


Trump was a self-made man, who was a scrapper, a fighter who loved conflict and didn’t give up easily. His battles were many in his life, his business and with family. He was knocked down many times, but still got back up and overcame these hardships. That was why God chose him. He wouldn’t quit.


You may not like Donald Trump and that’s ok. What’s not to like about him, right? What you must acknowledge is that Trump is like a little yappy dog that pulls at your pant leg and keeps on pulling until you give him what he wanted in the first place, a bone.


Everything Trump promised to do during the campaign has been met with stiff resistance from day one, but he still enjoys victories one after another. Take a moment to google Trump and his faith in God and then select from the results something that is a factual spiritual biography of Trump. There are a couple of books that have been written about Trump and God that make good reading for those desiring an honest and complete look at the life of Donald Trump.


I’ll leave you with these thoughts. When God sends you to do a job, he prepares the way before he sends you, and he has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. There is nothing that can separate us from God’s love or from his purpose for our lives until that purpose is fulfilled.


On the other hand if go off on a tangent but have not been sent by God you will fail miserably and the consequences  can be devastating (Read about the Sons of Skeba in the new testament). – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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