By Whose Authority?



By Whose Authority?


God created everything in the Heavens and on the Earth. He is the ultimate organizer, giving authority on the Earth, as it is in Heaven. The organization of government is established to bring order out of chaos. Rulers, leaders and kings have been established by the will of Almighty God. He places them in office and he removes them in office as he desires. The winds and the seasons exist as God intended. One needs only to read starting in the book of Genesis.


We know that everyone has an opinion about everything, even those who say they do not. In my opinion, opinions are like onions and everyone has one, wants one or hates those who express theirs. That is what we call human nature, given to man from God. You see it’s not about us, what we like or dislike; what we feel is right or wrong; it’s totally about what God has said through his Word.


The government of the United States of America has been established like no other government on the planet. The rule of law is based upon biblical principles and written down in the form of the Constitution of the United States. The underlying premise is that we are all created equal under God. We have the basic right to life, liberty and happiness owing our allegiance to Almighty God. As citizens of this great nation we are to submit ourselves to the government and to hold the government accountable.


There is a universal truth that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We see that every day when we look at our elected officials who have pledged to defend and protect the Constitution and abide by the rule of law. They have been sent or placed into office by the will of the people and serve with the authority and in the official capacity of their office and/or position. We expect them to serve honorably and in our best interests under the Constitution. We are not to sit in judgement of anybody because only God sits that high and he holds them accountable unto himself.


Since the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump 2 years ago he is the leader of this great nation. He speaks with the authority given by the Constitution and as one appointed by Almighty God. In world and domestic affairs the president is the United States. His decisions good or bad are the decisions of the nation and God holds him accountable, just as God holds each of us accountable for OUR actions, deeds and words.


The members of Congress are no different. They have been appointed by God and elected by the people. They too have a responsibility to act honorably and are bound by the authority of the Constitution. Their decisions good or bad are seen by God and he alone is their judge.


We the people of the United States have the ultimate right to address the government, its leaders and elected officials and to hold them accountable in accordance to the Constitution. Our voice is best heard at the polling place during national and local elections. We can and should contact them often and let them know when they are doing good or badly. We hold the power. Our rights as citizens are spelled out in the Constitution. The government and elected officials have only the rights given them by the people.


Recently President Trump cancelled the US delegation to Devos and had already withdrawn the United States from the Paris Accord. That being said there were no US officials there. Yesterday there was a news video of former Secretary of State (under Obama) John Kerry standing at a podium behind the Seal of the United States, flanked by US flags calling for President Trump to resign.


My question to Mr. Kerry, by Whose Authority do you blatantly claim to represent ME or any other citizen of the United States calling for or demanding anything from the President of the United States?


My earlier point is that absolute power corrupts absolutely is clearly seen here with a US military Veteran turned war protestor who climbed the political ladder from Senator to failed presidential hopeful, then Secretary of State to private citizen turned traitor. It is not the place of any US citizen to stand on foreign soil and denounce the nation of his birth while appearing to be an official spokesperson.


I call for an investigation into his treasonous conduct and the termination of any and all security clearances held. I question his allegiance to and for his citizenship in the United States to be revoked.


Stop the political, racial and class division of the United States. This nation must stand united, under one God, one flag and under one President. I stand behind President Donald J. Trump. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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