You Really Don’t Know



You Really Don’t Know


It pains me to read or hear some of the comments from family and friends that are based upon misinformation and a total misrepresentation by national media. They know that a first impression is usually a lasting impression. It’s also very hard to re-image someone after they have been smeared in the tabloids that pass themselves off as main stream newspapers and magazines.


Remember the story of the high school math teacher who wrote a series of problems on the board? She began by writing the first problem with an incorrect answer, and went on to write 9 more problems correctly. The students began to giggle and laugh. Yet she kept on writing.


She then turned to the students and gave them about lesson in life. She told them that she intentionally wrote the wrong answer to get their response. She said life is like that. You can do a thousand things correctly or outstandingly, but do something wrong and that’s what people will say about you. Not the thousand, but the one wrong.


So think about that the next time you make some off the cuff disparaging remark about someone because as Paul Harvey (former news commentator) would say you don’t know “the rest of the story”.


I’ve heard and read stories of a man who sent a private corporate jet to assist moving stranded soldiers in order to get them home. He had no divested interest and was not paid or reimbursed for his good will. He did it simply because there was a need that he could fill.


There is another story of a man finding out that a worker helped out another person in need, but was unable to make his house payment. This man made that house payment without expecting or receiving anything in return.


This man saw the condition of a nation deteriorating from within and being willing to step forward he pledged to do something about it. He was a wealthy and powerful man in his own right. He did not need the money, nor the prestige or power. He didn’t even need the exposure or the “big boy toys” that came with the job. He saw a need that he could fill and pledged to fix what was wrong in the country.


What about a man who paid for an extravagant wedding and reception for one of his workers simply because he could? He wanted to pay it forward. What he got in return some years later was stabbed in the back (figuratively speaking) by that worker who sold herself out for a book deal after being let go from her job or position of trust.


Then there were some high school athletes on an overseas goodwill exhibition tour representing the United States. They were caught shoplifting sunglasses from multiple vendors and detained by local authorities. This could have led to them being prosecuted and imprisoned in a foreign land creating an international incident were it not for a man with the power to do something, intervened obtaining their release and flew them back home to their families and their school. The public apology by those athletes was staged and they later claimed they were forced to apologize.


By now you should know the man I’m referring to is President Donald J. Trump. I’m sure there are many other motivational stories that highlight the determination and compassion that compel this man to take on the challenges of leading a nation and become a driving force on the world stage. You’ve seen it with your own eyes, heard it with your own ears unless you relegated yourself to what is pushed by main stream media outlets and online.


What I have seen is a President who reached out to various world leaders and world powers to set the stage by declaring that the United States is no longer the world’s ATM, nor its international police force. The declarations made highlight the fact that fair trade or no trade with the United States. The lopsided “deals” made by previous administrations which do not fairly favor the United States were terminated and/or re-negotiated.


On the home front many of the unfair and unnecessary rules and regulations that stifled the US economy have been repealed or eliminated, while others continue to be rolled back. These changes in the culture of America aid big business and benefit the American workers. Many industries have returned and factories have been fired up to produce American products to be sold here and abroad.


The lawlessness and chaos across America is being dealt with, while opioid, drugs and immigration are paramount to restoring law and order. Sanctuary cities and states have hurt the economy, made American’s less safe, and have brought unsavory conditions to the streets of American cities.


Rather than dealing with the issues that divide our nation or make it less safe for our families our politicians have become bogged down over petty party politics. Instead of being on the leading edge by overhauling critical immigration legislation, legislators have simply allowed themselves to be manipulated by various factions and leaderless men and women in Congress.


What I know is that had our congressional leadership seized the day upon the inauguration of President Trump a mere 2 years ago, many of the issues we face today would be non-issues, having been solved and in short order.


Don’t believe the hype promoted by media talking heads and so called late night hosts or even those all-knowing entertainers of television or movie fame. Their intention is to prevent the critical right turn of America away from the socialistic leanings of those attempting to bring this nation to its knees.


President Trump has worked harder and longer in 2 years to bring about more sustainable and desirable change in America than all of his predecessors combined. Because he is a successful businessman who made his fortune prior to becoming President, he works past the roadblocks and obstacles thrown out there by people who may feel threatened by their own loss of power.


I hear politicians flaunting their “power” and their self-importance, yet doing less than nothing about using that power to the advantage of American citizens. By their actions many legislators have become unregistered agents of foreign powers in their quest to prevent the sitting President from exercising his executive powers to administer government laws and policies.


When politicians say it’s about me, me, me I hear President Trump say he is working for US, the American people, and he’s doing it for free. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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