Alarm Bells Are Ringing for the Liberal Left



Alarm Bells Are Ringing for the Liberal Left


Recently I’ve heard from critics concerning the direction this country is headed in their opinion we have gone over the slippery slope of politics because of the Donald J. Trump Presidency.


As “proof” one critic cited the following that he equates to the President Trump being unsuited to the office and because those on the liberal left and the conservative right will not concede or compromise there is an unwritten agreement to disagree.


What the left is hanging onto are the business failings of Donald Trump while ignoring the great many more business successes.

  • The debacle of Trump University
  • The leaked video of Trump at the bus using coarse language and talking trash politically motivated and orchestrated to throw off the Trump 2016 campaign. These efforts and others failed miserably.
  • There are the rumors of contractors going unpaid which very well could have happened due to failed business dealings and the rumors of Trump hiring illegals to work at various Trump enterprises are just unsubstantiated rumors.
  • The high profile rumor is Trump played more golf in 2 ½ years than Obama did in 8 years would be laughable if one considered the fact that Trump seems to work ceaselessly from the Oval Office, Air Force One and especially on the golf course.
  • What really throws the left is Trump promised to show his tax returns if elected. That hasn’t happened, nor should it even be discussed. There are some aspects of private life that are not open to public discussion and tax returns of a millionaire who runs for elected office should not even be an issue or it would be more appropriate (not constitutional) for all 535 elected legislators to annually post their tax returns to show how they have become millionaires while in “public service”.

One critic brought up the issue of Bill Clinton was impeached but found not guilty which is part truth and part lie. Clinton was impeached for lying to congress. Congress decided not to remove him from office which would set a really bad precedence for a sitting president.


Using this same failed logic saying that Trump should be impeached just because his name is Trump doesn’t make any sense. One must understand the impeachment process and even then some individuals continue the cry of impeachment.


  • Simply put if the House committee receives a complaint suggesting impeachment of a President must investigate the charges to see if they are warranted. If not warranted no charges are levied. If the complaint has merit then charges are brought forward and voted on by the full body of the House. If the House votes to impeach a President, he is impeached.
  • Constitutionally impeachable offenses are acts of
    • Treason,
    • Bribery, or other
    • High Crimes and Misdemeanors
      • Historically the House has defined High Crimes and Misdemeanors as
        • Real criminality – breaking the law,
        • Abuses of Power and
        • Violation of Public Trust or
        • Whatever a majority of the House considers it to be at a given moment in history.
      • The next step is to forward the articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial. The members of the Senate who become the impeachment jury will weigh the evidence argued before the judge (Chief Justice SCOTUS).
      • If found guilty of the charges of Impeachment the Senate votes to allow the President to remain or for Removal from Office.


The claim that “DJT should be impeached but would be found not guilty by the senate” fails in one respect, that in order to be impeached there must be verifiable evidence for impeachment. Thus far there have been no substances warranting impeachment of President Trump.


The critic and I agree that 2020 will be the deciding factor when voters will once again cast their vote for the candidate who will continue to drain the political swamp or drain the rights of American citizens to accommodate the influx of non-citizens who illegally enter the country.


The critic insists that it depends on charges to be filed by state of NY which have been a politically motivated threat by a recently elected New York States Attorney who follows the Democratic Party norms of using the Alinsky Principles to achieve a political agenda.


The critic has one last claim of higher cost of living lower wages which is only partially right. The cost of living rises annually, yet in the past 2 ½ years of the Trump Administration the abundance of jobs has brought rising wages to the lower percentage of workers.


All the 2020 Democratic candidates have introduced as their platforms

  • Higher taxes,
  • Open borders,
  • Sanctuary and free medical, food, housing and $$$ for illegals
  • Loss of Constitutional rights of US citizens,
  • While promising free stuff for those unwilling to work,
  • Eliminating educational debt for select students in select colleges and universities,
  • Voting rights for convicted felons and prisoners in jail,
  • Lowering voter age to 16,
  • Abolishing the outdated Constitution
  • Eliminating the Electoral College


There claims of socialistic bliss shows how truly illiterate and uninformed the left really is. As the campaign season continues to shape up there will be massive self-biting among the liberal candidates with the last one standing gaining the DNC nomination to stand up against President Trump.


It is my prediction that 2020 will be an easy win for America as President Trump gets another 4 years in office. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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