Immigrants and Refugees



Immigrants and Refugees


The Democratic candidates are stirring up the waters in anticipation of unseating President Trump in the 2020 election. Some of the latest parroted by Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren and others include the term refugees. However what they are actually referring to are illegal immigrants who in some cases may be refugees. They say it is our duty to provide housing and medical treatment to these “refugees”. They also say the treatment of detainees is inhumane and barbaric akin to the Nazi concentration camps of World War II. What they don’t tell you is why with all the fuss about refugees they have done absolutely nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across our border. The say that immigration is not a national security issue but a humanitarian issue, I venture to say it is both. However it is inhumane to allow this massive influx of migrants to “bum-rush” our border with the sole purpose of penetrating national security and sovereignty of the United States of which they are key players in creating legislation to fix immigration issues.


Before I go any further let me define, in my own words some critical and key terms being thrown around by our esteemed politicians.


  1. Immigrants – people desiring to migrate to another country for a better life for themselves and their families.
  2. Refugees – people who apply for refugee status and permission to reside in the United States with a path to citizenship.
  3. Asylum Seekers – people who feel threatened due to religious or political beliefs who seek shelter in the United States away from the threats of their homeland.
  4. Illegal Immigrants – people who cross the border without proper authorization or documentation which is a federal offense.
  5. Law Breakers – people (including legislators and their staff) who aid and assist in the unlawful crossing of aliens into the United States which is also a federal offense.


Every candidate in the 2020 presidential election who is a member of Congress is a seasoned politician and it equally responsible for the crisis on the US-Mexico border by either being unwilling or unable to bring forth constructive legislation to close the gaps and fix immigration loopholes. Every candidate who says that President Trump manufactured the immigration crisis is a liar.


It is illegal to cross into the United States without documentation and/or authority to enter. It is also illegal for anyone to aid and assist another to cross into the United States illegally. These are federal offenses punishable with fines and/or imprisonment.


It is the responsibility of the government of the United States to protect its citizens and territory from harm and/or aggression. The Constitution offers NO guarantees of any kind for those who come here illegally, except to remove them from the United States.


Don’t give me that spiel about separating families either. It is a proven and documented fact that many illegal migrants attempt and in some cases are successful in using children, not their own, for the purpose of being allowed into the United States and it is a federal offense to do so. Do we not separate families when we incarcerate criminals or send our military overseas and into battle?


The same thing for those who feel we must provide housing, medical and a check to illegal immigrants when we don’t even do that for American citizens in our inner cities and communities across the nation.

Immigration is a privilege of which anyone can apply, but is selectively granted, included refugee and asylum seekers. Everyone should be treated humanely and with respect during their processing and deportation from the United States.


Politics should be results oriented so before you cast your vote look at their track record and the disposition of their home district. Is it ruled by law and order or by chaos? If it resembles a 3rd world nation ask – Why? What is being done to put things into an orderly state? Are promises made, promises kept? Do the results justify YOUR vote? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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