A Hate So Strong



A Hate So Strong


Have you noticed that regardless of the subject matter or topic written about national pride, our nation’s heritage or about the economy somehow it comes back negatively about President Donald J. Trump? It seems that the vocabulary of the left is determined by the level of hate carried by the hearts and into the minds of those who act like parrots of misinformation.


Have you ever heard of anybody publicly criticizing their employer or place of employment without suffering immediate consequences when overheard by management? No! In real life that individual would be on the outside looking in wondering what happened as they begin seeking new work.


In sports the super-stars have some pretty big sponsor deals. They wear their brand prominently during official matches and are keen on having their brand photographed and promoted everywhere they go. What would happen if a player chose not wear their sponsors brand during a major sporting event? They would lose that sponsorship and all the money that goes with it. In the real world they would be cut back to 2nd or 3rd string, traded to another team or simply cut from the team as a violation of their contract.


In the military it is the same. Someone gripes and complains about their platoon or section or the unit in general or disrespect toward anyone of higher rank or position and they find themselves being disciplined by an extra workload or disciplined through the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) which could lead to a reduction in rank, time in the stockade or brig and even a bad conduct discharge.


In many nations around the world disrespect, griping or complaining about the government or the nation’s leadership is grounds for arrest and imprisonment or even death without a trial. There is no appeal after an execution.


Those are called the Rule of Law and ours is determined by the Constitution of the United States. In case you don’t know or haven’t heard there are certain things that are protected by or are punishable under the Constitution. Certain individual freedoms we call rights are protected and we call them “God Given” or inalienable rights – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What has happened over the past 50 years is that these rights have been violated in many cases and sanctioned by the state or national government and has become acceptable.


Take for example the right to life – it is unlawful to kill someone, unless that someone is a baby in the protective womb of the mother, or in many states now someone who is terminally ill or the elderly. There is only one who is able to make those decisions of whether someone lives or dies and we are not worthy to even stand before HIS Judgment Seat.


Our Constitution provides for the imprisonment of individuals convicted of certain crimes, provided it is done according to our Rule of Law. This too has been violated every time someone is unjustly imprisoned or unlawfully detained without a trial resulting in the loss of their liberty or freedom.


Also implied in the Constitution is the pursuit of happiness which doesn’t mean at the expense of anyone else. Just because it makes you happy doesn’t make it protected under the Constitution. Some people become happy when they bully or harass another, some steal and kill, while still others run for political office and become enmeshed in the struggle for power over people even though the Constitution clearly provides the real power of government is retained by the people.


It is the people who have the right to bear arms, to vote, to own property and to protect themselves and their families. It is the people who have the right to determine their elected officials and to replace them. It is the people who have the right to worship Almighty God as they choose, according to the Constitution.


Over the course of time people mistakenly think that anything goes in a society that chooses self-government over chaos. There are those who make a sport of invoking chaos into well-structured and meaningful cities and towns across this nation we call home. These individuals choose to ignore the Rule of Law in America while choosing confrontation, fear and violence as their weapons. Their ignorance is astounding. They act as spoiled children hiding behind masks and in groups because they do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand on their own and articulate their point of view. Among all the rights we hold dear the one these people ignore and violate the most is the right to remain silent! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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