The Albatross




The Albatross

A weight around his neck


Robert Swan Mueller III – The Mueller Report


In May 2017 Robert S. Mueller III was selected Special Counsel by Rod Rosenstein, Assistant Attorney General, to investigate Russian Collusion in the 2016 Presidential Election. Many people do not know even now after the investigation was completed, the report published and released to the public in redacted form that President Trump has been in fact vindicated of any collusion between Russian agents and his Campaign/Transition team.


Why was Robert Mueller selected for this high profile position? Was it because of his impeccable character and his reputation as a no nonsense ramrod straight litigator who saw the Constitution as something to be protected and defended since his days as a Marine Lieutenant engaged in combat during the Vietnam War? Or was it his legendary reputation as a litigator? Maybe it was because he was all about the business of the law and never accepting anything less than top notch work from his subordinates?


It is a given that his incredible reputation carried much weight among the members of Congress who wholeheartedly accepted and approved of his appointment so that their number one goal would be achieved to bring about the downfall of newly elected President Donald J. Trump who was sworn in on January 20, 2017.


What stands out to me is the contrast in the lives of these two men of similar age and privileged backgrounds. One navigated in the world of real estate and business to becoming a billionaire playboy before becoming the 45th President of the United States, while the other chose military service followed by public service in the Department of Justice becoming the 37th Director of the FBI and the longest serving director (12 years) since J. Edgar Hoover.


When Mueller was tapped to the Special Counsel position his mandate was clear to investigate collusion between Russian state actors/agents and members of the Trump campaign. That’s a far cry from investigating Russian Collusion in the 2016 Presidential Election. What very well should have happened was the EACH presidential candidate should have had themselves, their campaign staff and records looked at to determine was there any contact with Russian agents.


This would have focused on each candidate rather than just Donald Trump’s campaign. It may have led to the discovery of improprieties from a number of sources and angles. However that never happened.


This brings up a number of questions about the office of this Special Counsel. Who assembled the team? Robert Mueller or someone else and what were the criteria for team members? Were they non-partisan or did they have ties to a political party or any conflicts of interest with any candidate or staff member?


How were the teams set up, investigators and FBI agents? Who hired them? Who controlled/monitored their work? Who decided when to fire or release them? How secure was the information gathered? More importantly what was the flashpoint or document that started this entire fiasco? Did it have any type of oversight?


I ask these questions after viewing and reading about the latest Congressional Committee Hearing where Robert Mueller although pre-scheduled to answer specific questions about the report bearing his name, appeared absolutely clueless about the material in the report. This is uncharacteristic given Mueller’s reputation for dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s.


I suspect, as others have, that Mueller was in the driver’s seat of a bus with his name plastered all over it while others conducted the witch hunt under guise of investigating. This would mislead the public and the Congress in believing the Robert Mueller was actively engaged as the Special Counsel and apparently that was not true. I don’t believe this was done out of spite by Mueller. I believe he was set up as a giant Trojan horse where the public and President Trump would focus on while all the time someone else controlled what the Special Counsel’s office did. I also believe that the indictments obtained on former members of the Trump Campaign were political entrapment in an attempt to get the President.


What should and must happen is that Robert Mueller publicly releases his statement on the role he played as Special Counsel and if that means a public apology, so be it. I think that is what a man of his character and integrity would do because it’s the right thing to do. After all Robert Mueller is an officer and a gentleman and forever will always be a Marine. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


I include these links so that you might see something the media will never show.


One thought on “The Albatross

  1. Yes, Robert Mueller was a decorated combat Marine, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be politically motivated. Nor played by folks who were politically motivated.


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