Promises Kept



Promises Kept


Build the Wall – Drain the Swamp – Make America Great Again


During the 2016 campaign season Donald Trump made a number of promises if elected. He would build the wall, drain the swamp and make America great again were among his most repeated and remembered ones. We are now 2 ½ years into the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and what we’ve seen is an active and earnest resistance toward all things Trump by the Democratic Party, Main Stream Media and for the most part by members of Congress.


Build the Wall

Build the wall has been met with fierce resistance from the Democratic members of Congress, calling it a waste of money to build “Trump’s Wall”. In what has become a series of assaults by waves of migrants on the border President Trump called it a crisis that needs the immediate attention of Congress to close obvious loopholes and prevent future waves of illegals from overwhelming the Department of Border Patrol agents.


Rather than getting to work fixing immigration laws Democrats in Congress have gone so far as to calling the crisis on the US – Mexico border as something Trump manufactured. Some members have called for the abolition of the wall, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the criminalization of Border Patrol for enforcing US Immigration Laws, while calling for the humane treatment of detainees, which result in family separations as well as exposing cells of human trafficking and smuggling of drugs and other narcotics without doing anything in their legislative powers to correct it.


Drain the Swamp

Drain the Swamp has brought cries from Congressional lawmakers have transferred themselves into the category of lawbreakers, clearly into the swamp. They have ignored the will of the voters who placed them into office instead choosing to champion the rights of illegal immigrants when the Constitution clearly establishes rights for US citizens, non-citizens have none.


In cities across America from Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and many more mayors, county commissioners, and state governors have declared themselves as sanctuaries where illegals are protected and well fed through taxpayer funded programs previously aimed at caring for citizens. Law Enforcement is prohibited from asking their legal status or cooperating with federal ICE agents, resulting in serial killers being released to kill again on the streets. Some city administrations have declared that the President of the United States is not welcome.


The chaotic rise and the condoning of street gangs and domestic terrorists such as MS13 and Antifa have given them free reign to harass or intimidate and conduct acts of violence against law abiding citizens with impunity while attempting to restrict the gun rights of law abiding citizens to protect themselves.


Several colleges and universities have made it politically incorrect to use words like “Illegal” “Alien” “America” “American” “Man” or “Woman” as they are deemed offensive. Likewise the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance and even the Flag of the United States have been banned as being offensive in American schools.


Professional athletes and sports teams, who by their name or title as representing the nation on the playing field openly mock, insult and disrespect the President, the Flag and the Nation calling it freedom of speech, I call it offensive!


The Swamp of political correctness and breeds hatred and anger that left unchecked become cancerous to our nation’s continued existence.


Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again is such a simple phrase that every single US citizen should relish and cherish it as a demonstration of national pride. Instead it has been attacked from the left as symbolic of racial dominance by those who seek to divide the people of the United States by ethnic and racial categories.


We have long endured the “hyphenated American” as a way of life throughout the United States.


Regardless of whether someone is born here, migrated here legally and worked to become a naturalized citizen, there is NO HYPHEN in AMERICAN. We are American’s first, with distinct heritages, tribal ancestry with many customs and traditions being carried down through our children and grandchildren. It’s important for them not to forget where our families have come from and to be proud of who we are today. The days of race baiting must end in America. There are two important rights guaranteed under the Constitution, the freedom of speech and the right to remain silent I encourage you to choose wisely. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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