Immigration is All About Immersion



Immigration is all about Immersion


Ever since our nation’s founding people from all walks of life and every nation, tribe and culture have flocked to our shores. Many have been rejected or outright denied it for a variety of reasons. Others have fought hard to obtain it. Those who have made the often perilous journey and persevered while searching for the ever elusive prize – Citizenship in the United States of America have proudly proclaimed, “I’m an American Citizen”.


Many who read this will not understand the sacrifice someone makes when they take the plunge, leaving family, friends and all that is familiar to them to face the unknown. Whether it’s by air, by land or by sea leaving it all for what seems impossible is almost too hard to imagine.


All too often our perspective toward immigration and immigrants is skewed by politicians and the media and the elephant in the room is often ignored. One need only to look back at history to see that since our beginning our nation has been and is imperfect because we are a flawed people. In our quest for land and expansion we have taken simply because it was there.


As we began to develop our unique style of living we took advantage of age old techniques to enhance farming, technology and industry we used indentured servants and outright slavery for profit and survival. Our society has exploited the poor, disadvantaged, women and people of differing ethnic backgrounds while denying them the right of citizenship, yet we overcame those barriers to become the greatest self-governing experiment in human history.


So why does anyone want to come here? Is it the climate; the atmosphere or simply the fact that in a world where dictatorial leadership prevents freedom of expression, this is a place where freedom rings? For some it is a necessity, others it is an opportunity that allows them to become part of something much bigger than themselves. In America you can be anything you choose. When you work hard and follow the rules (law) a poor farm worker can become a small business owner, a corporate CEO or elected to the Congress of the United States. The sky really is the limit when you believe and place your trust in God.


There is a Confucius saying, “A journey begins with the first step”. When an immigrant takes that first step in faith, confident that given a chance they will be accepted and succeed, they truly feel that with God all things are possible.


Coming to America can be a frightening experience. One clings to native customs and traditions and family becomes the only thing one can hang on to. However it doesn’t have to take long before one becomes immersed into a normal lifestyle of America, while holding on to and passing a rich heritage to children and once someone becomes a US Citizen they are no longer an immigrant, nor are they a hyphenated-American. The greatest responsibility one takes on as a US Citizen is to pledge allegiance to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic, so help us God. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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