Goal of Shutdown America



Goal of Shutdown America


I’m not a revolutionary type of guy and I don’t want to see the nation I love suffer, especially in the manner of closing up shop until the virus is extinguished or a vaccine has been created and given to everyone on the planet. What I am saying is let us all get back to business and a new normal – sick people staying home or covering up when out in public. Let us get back to walking in the park, camping in the mountains, fishing in the rivers and lakes. Eating at a fancy restaurant or at our favorite fast food establishments, parents need to get back to their jobs, kids back in school and live needs to go on.


If we haven’t learned one thing during this pandemic, surely we’ve learned to open our eyes, engage our brains and ask some of those serious questions:


  • How does the virus cause panic buying of toilet paper?


  • How does Stay at Home and Shelter in Place prevent the spread of the virus or flatten the curve?


  • How does creating multiple stimulus bills worth Multiple T’s of $$ help keep the US afloat during this time of national shutdown?


  • Why do politicians like to spend other people’s money, not their own – other people are us!



Maybe these are real questions to real problems but it seems to me that the real pandemic is milking the virus for political gain in order to bankrupt the US economy and therefore hasten the collapse of entire economies around the world a perfect storm to bring forth a global New World Order.


Think about it, who are the ones calling for extending the shutdown of America? Are they working class people? No they are primarily politicians who are in no threat of losing their wages or pensions even during a time of national disaster such as this. OR they are public figures with substantial financial income sources that as yet are unaffected by the shutdown. Who are the ones affected the most? Wage earners, hourly workers and small business owners who’ve poured their lives into making their business succeed. Now many of these business owners have been told by government they are non-essential (don’t matter) and must close until further notice and if you don’t like it, no matter because you are to stay at home and are prevented from traveling outside the 10 mile radius of your home or to stay at least 6 feet social distance from anyone you meet on the street or in a store.


I’ve heard of a solution to all this madness is to put political salaries on the chopping block of the next election. Yes let voters decide if politicians should receive a salary while the nation suffers by shutting down. Take that safety net out from under them and let them feel our pain. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




2 thoughts on “Goal of Shutdown America

  1. I agree to a degree. I think we as a nation should put the salaries of politicians on the chopping block, not just because of the pandemic so they may feel what middle class citizens are feeling, but because they make too much money in general. Most of America cannot properly fee their household all while we are paying for their salaries, their fancy vacations and everything else, we cannot afford a vacation half the amount of times they go on vacations per year. My disagreement comes with the re-opening of the economy too soon. I do not think it is the right time to open the economy because too many people are still dying. People are still not practicing proper social distancing. I think small businesses can open ONLY for take out/drive thru services. Unfortunately, not social connection is worth risking your life and the life of others. I’d rather be at home for an additional 6 months than to be in the ground 6ft under.


    1. The salaries of congress are set by congress and IAW the Constitution cannot be easily changed. As for the pandemic, there has been a huge hoax perpetuated against the American people due to the upcoming election. Most recently the actual numbers of positive/negative and even tested vs survived/deaths associated directly from COVID have drastically changed. It appears they were feeding fear as a means of control. Our economy does not shut down for the flu, which has killed far more people each year than COVID ever will. I say open up, take precautions and lets get back to living our lives without the needless fear factor. BTW 15 days to flatten the curve has exceeded 175 days thus far. I figure it’s flattened enough already.


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