The Response Medical Scientific or Political

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The Response Medical Scientific or Political


Like many of you I often wonder who thought up these responses to the Virus. Mask, Gloves, Social Distancing, no eating in public places, walking outside in the sun or going out for a Sunday drive just to enjoy the beach or fresh air or to explore the great outdoors. No going to church, the barber or anywhere for that matter.


At this point I’m surprised there has been no “shoot on sight, survivors will be prosecuted”-type order issued.


Recently Los Angeles County issued a decree that everyone must wear a face covering when outside. I don’t live in Los Angeles County but I fail to see the logic? If we are to wear face coverings while in public places (shopping, etc.) then exactly how does keeping a six foot distance between people help? Granted the face covering doesn’t protect the wearer from the virus, only other wearers from catching your cough, sneeze or dribbling cold.


The trouble with stay at home orders it gives you time to think about what’s really important. Have you watched as the farmer opens up the henhouse early in the morning? At first chickens realize the door has been opened and then they pour out into the yard scratching for food and at night they head back inside. The farmer comes along and secures the door not to keep the chickens in but to keep the predators out. Remember it’s for their safety (Sound familiar)? Even the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Bears had the big bad wolf yelling let him in or he’d be huffing and puffing threatening to blow the house down. Did it work? Why does it work now?


So what does the medical experts say about staying at home, wearing a mask, social distancing to fight the virus? What is the diagnosis on this? What does science tell us? Are we better off “in this together” in semi-total isolation away from family and friends? Scientifically are we safer together?


Or is this much ado about nothing? I don’t mean the virus is nothing. It is what it is – a virus. It’s characteristics suggest it inhibits the body’s ability to hold and carry oxygen through the bloodstream leading to higher than normal temperatures accompanied by pain and headaches that if left untreated will cause death.


How is this virus being treated? A typical trip to the emergency room can result in a cursory scan of the body, logging symptoms, prescription for go home and rest, if difficulty breathing occurs come back in or call 911. If untreated for a week or more the primary treatment in the ER may be ventilators to assist with the breathing by keeping the lungs functioning. But what is really happening if there is no oxygen circulating through the blood stream? Oxygen deprivation!


What is keeping doctors, hospitals and medical facilities from using Hydroxychloroquine AND Azithromycin (Z-PAC) to treat patients exhibiting early signs of COVID-19? Is it clinical uncertainty or undue pressure from above? One Sacramento doctor acknowledges that during a pandemic there is no time to waste, early treatment is better than waiting, which can be fatal.


Early on we have been told that heat kills the virus, being outdoors is safer than being cooped up indoors and prolonged wearing of face coverings can lead to carbon dioxide poisoning. Shutting down America does nothing to stop or kill the virus. It simply kills jobs, stifles the economy and prevents workers from earning a living to feed their families. This “cure” is definitely worse than the virus in so many ways.


So that brings us to political ramifications with the upcoming Presidential Election in November 3, 2020. Are we to believe that this entire pandemic is a manufactured one to sway voters? Is the stimulus bills coming out of Congress simply a means to hand breadcrumbs to workers prevented from actually doing work? Is this a ploy to not only bring America to its knees, but to eliminate the middle class and place all working Americans onto welfare rolls? Turn off main stream television and cable news channels for 30 days. Determine in your hearts what is important to you – family, religion, patriotism, nationalism, or selfishness?


We are better than this America! This is the best time to be an American and this is where God has placed you for such a time like this. We have faced adversity in times past, corruption at every level of government and when push comes to shove – WE SHOVE BACK! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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