Spontaneous Insurrection



Spontaneous Insurrection


Is it perfectly normal for an incident to spark spontaneous and widespread civil unrest in America and around the world? From the “HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT” in Ferguson, MO in 2017 to the “I CAN’T BREATHE” in Minneapolis, MN in 2020 it seems a little suspicious to me. It’s even worse that what I suspected. I began watching an undercover documentary that is sickening to watch but confirms my worst suspicions and more.


During the Obama years a long-time friend and fellow community organizer out of Chicago Bob Creamer visited the White House 200 times and met with President Obama more than 50 times during his presidency. It’s something that is recorded in White House Logs and kept on file and in the archives. Now you might say – so what, lots of people visit the White House and many people visit with the sitting President. And you’d be right. Except when certain people visit you begin to ask why?


What is so different about Bob Creamer? As a community organizer and activist he founded Democracy Partners which is directly involved in controlling the various groups and organizations that have been causing havoc across the country. They are the head of the pyramid of front organizations that orchestrate, finance and control the “protests” with Black Lives Matters, Antifa, Black Panthers and a variety of other group’s intent on the collapse of not only the Trump administration, but the United States of America as a nation.


It leads me to believe it is possible that Bob Creamer conspired with Barack Obama in the White House with plans to move forward with what is happening now, with one major snag. Hillary didn’t win the election and plan B had to be put into effect. Plan B is to shadow ban President Trump and Vice President Pence at every turn so if you’re wondering is that going to lead America into another Civil War? I say wake up. We are and have been involved in a most Uncivil War for the past 4 years if not longer.


It may be pure conjecture on my part but purely possible given Obama’s history as a community organizer while in Chicago, getting a foothold in politics by appointment, then election to represent Illinois in the US Senate, and then followed by the presidency. Obama has been smart and as every master criminal it will not last. What we are seeing are not hastily implemented “peaceful protests” hijacked by organized “spontaneous” insurrectionists using home grown domestic terrorist groups who conspire with hostile foreign agents and powers. Some representatives of these groups have gone to Moscow, others to Venezuela while still others met with foreign ambassadors IN THE US. Their financing is funneled through various front organizations as shown in a Project Veritas undercover documentary. It’s as if they are playing on a giant chess board and all the pieces are in motion. The playbooks being used are all the failed ideologies of Karl Marx, Mao and even Saul Alinsky. The book they forgot – the Bible, God will not be mocked as it is his plan that will triumph! – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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