Who Lives in the Swamp and Who Created it?



Who lives in the swamp and who created it?


In case you didn’t read my earlier post I’m going to try and answer those questions, “Who lives in the swamp and who created it?”


Let me explain that the swamp is not a physical body of water but a cesspool of political corruptness that is a result of political ambitions over time. Nobody “lives” in the swamp, people ARE the swamp they who go into politics for any number of reasons.


They are like the guy who gets handed his sergeant stripes (Acting Jack) and the sudden power trip goes to his head. He may have been your buddy, but once he’s made sergeant he can’t handle it. He makes lots of mistakes and lots of enemies, yet he doesn’t know when to back down or ease up. If you were military maybe you knew that guy at one time or another?


The swamp refers to the political climate in Washington. The politicians are like the swamp creatures are like the “king” of their own domain. The water skipper bounces around on the water searching for something to eat. Along comes a fish and swallows the water skipper; a bear who eats the fish; and a hunter kills the bear. So on and so forth, up the food chain.


Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, not literally empty a body of water, but drain the “politics as usual” out of Washington politics, if you will return government back to the people.


When he began breaking up the power groups he was met with resistance (same thing you do) as he targeted certain politicians, government agencies, regulations and policies of previous administrations (not just Obama’s).


As I said in my post I’ve looked at every president since WWII, beginning with Eisenhower. None of them were truly great presidents, although many were great or at least above average military officers and leaders of men. Those how went into politics became deeply entrenched in the swamp BEFORE running for president. They had power and influence and that is hard to let go of.


Those who became president were unequipped for the job. They had their On-Job-Training (OJT) and relied on others to make some of the really tough decisions. From the research I’ve done on the past 13 presidents, they were each tested by world leaders, congress and other events. Some failed greatly, while others seemed to rise to the occasion.


Truman tried to wrap up WWII, but the Korean War began and he left it for Eisenhower. Eisenhower got the US involved in Indochina, left it to Kennedy who increased our involvement, but Johnson stepped it up a notch or two, then it went to Nixon, Ford, and Carter before we pulled out.


North Korea has been a problem since Stalin appointed Kim Jong Un’s grandfather supreme leader. No US president has been able to deal with North Korea, through incentives, broken treaties or threats of total destruction.  Remember McArthur wanted to go straight to China and Truman fired him.


A great many things have been shoved under the carpet primarily because president’s had no idea how to handle them.


Congress has been the same thing. Politicians promise the moon and for the most part deliver squat. Although technically qualified they are often unsuited for the legislative duties of congress. Because there are no term limits, a great many of the 535 members of congress “homestead” in congress. They keep promising and we keep electing them and they end up with a lifetime of public service which is in no way service to their public. They stay until they die (ask Kennedy and McCain) and there are others.


In my opinion the swamp consists of congressional caucuses which pit legislators against each other, then you throw in lobbyists to the mix and the clear focus of congress becomes clouded real fast. You have political “clicks” made up of various factions that each have their own agenda, which they demand from everyone else.


Political holdovers of previous administrations often referred to as the deep state which is a very integral part of the swamp. They are the day to day administrative staff that turns out the lights at the end of the day and keep government running. They have their prejudices and their own political stance and they do not care who is elected or appointed because they know that they will remain long after the “top dogs” are gone.


Our government is one of the people, by the people and for the people. The swamp has stepped that up until it is really to the people, by our people and for ourselves who know better.


Without safeguards our Constitutional-Republic would not function the way it was designed. Separate branches of government, first the Legislative Branch = make laws; next Executive Branch = enforces laws; and the Judicial Branch = interprets laws (based on the Constitution). National elections for president are public and although the popular vote may favor a certain candidate, the Electoral College chooses “delegates” who choose the president.


The Electoral College is not part of the swamp however the members of congress who make up the EC may in fact be swamp creatures.


Now back to our presidents. Some have been thrust into the presidency by the death or resignation of a sitting president. Truman, Johnson and Ford are three who fall into that category. All three became wartime presidents, although Ford began shutting down US involvement in Vietnam. Every president who sent US troops to war was also a wartime president.


There are not many presidents who understand economics or have the business sense to lead a nation out of economic peril. Most are reactionary, the economy drops they panic and rely on others to come up with a solution, which often doesn’t quite work.


There are not many presidents who are true visionaries that see the future and know how to make that future a reality. Kennedy may have been one but his presidency and his life was cut short. Reagan may have been one but he could only take the country so far. Trump may be one and he has the ability to stay focused on the vision and will not simply take “no” for an answer. He can’t do it alone, but he has the unique ability to inspire others and the wisdom to appoint key administration officials who are able to carry out his vision for America.


You may disagree and that’s alright. I’ve never been told that my assessments are perfectly sound, or that I’m hitting it out of the ballpark. Nor do I expect to. However if all you do is complain and “parrot” a particular party line without doing your own research you have absolutely no room to talk.


Our nation is at a historical crossroad. Do we go high or do we go low? Maybe we need to turn left or turn right? Maybe, just maybe we need to get off social media so we can stop to smell the roses. Remember it’s not the destination, but the journey that makes life enjoyable.



Read this article by Michael Master published on 1 June 2017 and see if you can see the relevance after 16 months of the Trump presidency. Great article – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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