I Am Tired of the Political Correctness



I Am Tired of the Political Correctness


I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with all the political bickering, name calling and slandering the good name and at the expense of decent law abiding and respectful Americans.


If you knew the truth about the Donald J. Trump presidency, would you still choose to oppose him?


I have watched since the 2015 announcement of a run for President by Donald Trump, where friend and foe alike have taken liberty to “go for the juggler” by personally attacking first his name, his reputation and attempt to discredit him and disavow the legitimacy of him and his administration.


I have seen entertainers and political hotshots taking potshots at the President of the United States with outright lies and slanderous accusations. I’ve watched as American media outlets and major networks gleefully publish in print or broadcast over the airwaves and through the internet articles that award winning journalists would spew out of their mouths. Gone are the days of standards of excellence in journalism.


I have watched as racism has taken over the legislative branch in an outright attempt to take down the executive branch while forcibly influencing the judicial branch, effectively circumventing the separation of government guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.


In my lifetime I have watched as politicians have themselves manipulated the consciousness of America by changing the methods and curriculum of our public education system, altering historical facts and attempting to shame citizens into submission and control.


More than you’ll ever know beginning with the 2018 mid-term elections we are now in the midst of, this is a most pivotal time in American history. It is not about left wing or right wing of the same bird, it’s about the moral center of our nation and of we the people.


We have political “experts” telling us that right is wrong and wrong is right, that there is no such thing as simply male and female as God Almighty has created in mankind and in all creation. We are told that if you feel it, you can be it and parents should not stereotype their children into being boys or girls because their gender is simply a state of mind. Bull Poppycock! Horse Pucky!


Let me tell you this straight up. God created everything. God set the laws of nature into existence. God created the laws of physics and set everything in its place in the entire universe – and beyond. There is not a man or woman living or who ever lived who could change what God has set in place.


God is the creator and we ALL are his creation.


Throughout history God intervened many times to reset the direction being taken by mankind. From the Garden of Eden, Sodom and Gomorrah,  the Flood, Israel’s 40 years of wandering in the desert, the Roman empire, the Cross on Mount Calvary, even world wars, famines and pestilence, hurricanes, and earthquakes. To be clear Mohammad is not God’s prophet, but a false prophet who has deceived many.


In the life of the United States Christians and followers of Christ have relied upon the God of creation for sustenance and protection over events beyond their control and God has never failed. He never will!


Whether you believe it or not, God did not fail when he sent Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States on 20 January 2017 (less than 2 years ago). God answered the prayers of his faithful followers and it has changed the course and direction of the United States at home and abroad by sending a warrior to take down the Spirit of Political Correctness in America.


Just to be clear God did not send another Billy Graham-style preacher President, nor did he send someone deeply schooled in Christian-ese church talk, nor was he a man who walked and talked with God his entire life. God sent a man he had known since BEFORE he came to being in his mother’s womb and before God created time.


I know that everyone is born with a purpose, a mission if you will. Something he/she is to accomplish while they are on this earth and that includes the babies who are aborted in the mother’s womb. Everyone has a purpose in life and it’s not to collect the most “stuff” to win the game of life. God loves you. There is not one person living, has ever lived or will ever live that God loves more than he loves you.


I’m tired of the world turning around and around and around, same old thing over and over again. I’m really tired of listening to all the excuses and the endless blame game where everything is always the other guys fault.


We are at a point in the history of the world where God can use one man to make a difference in the lives of many. In fact with God, one man is a majority and there is nothing that he cannot accomplish and with God there is nobody who can stop that one man until God’s purpose has been completed. – I am the Real Truckmaster!







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