Winter is Coming!



Winter is Coming!


My grandsons once told me, “Papa, Winter is Coming” and he had that smug smile on his face, something from one of those video games where everybody tries to out sniper everyone else.


The leaves are changing and falling from the trees and I woke up to snow on the ground, but I know that “Winter is Coming” as the political climate has shifted from the hopelessness of Obama to the optimism of America’s future under Trump. We’re in the home stretch of the mid-term elections and the leftist rhetoric is one of fear and intimidation. The Democrat platform is one of “higher taxes, gun control and impeach Trump”. It’s a very exciting time for Republicans.


We are being told by the media that “thousands” of migrants are heading toward the US Southern border with Mexico and they are predicted to travel the final 800 miles on foot with a projected arrival date of 5 November 2018, the day before the US elections. We are told they are seeking asylum from a terrible situation (bad government, gang violence, low wages, etc), but which country is all this attributed to? Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, Panama or elsewhere in South America?


What we see are these hordes of people headed toward our southern border in what can only be described as a massive invasion headed toward our homeland. They are seen as vandals bullying their way uninvited into Guatemala and now Mexico. They are military age men who will fight police and armies as they are intent upon making their way into the US.


The reality is this we are a nation of laws. Our laws derive from the Constitution. Our men and women pledge their sacred honor to defend our Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. They pledge to support the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over them and they take that as a Solemn Oath before Almighty God. It is not taken lightly.


Our military has deployed against armies, factions and tribes in foreign lands around the world and have trained a vast majority of the armies of today’s modern world. In the face of today’s domestic and foreign threat our military forces are positioning along some critical areas of the Southern border, and should the President declare martial law and/or order them to form an armed defensive line, there is no force able to breach it. In addition to the military force, there are hundreds of thousands of fully trained military Veterans who would jump at the chance to defend our homeland.


We also have home grown domestic terrorists, only we don’t call them domestic terrorists for fear of offending someone.


We have criminal elements in our society who revel at the chance to cause fear and confusion among the American people. Some attempt to send harmful letters and packages to politicians and have no problem simulating harmful “copycat” style packages designed to strike fear in the hearts of men and women across the nation.


We also have elected officials who would rather escalate violence instead of choosing to bring people together in peaceful protest. Instead they call for harassment, intimidation and physical altercation as a means of bullying those who disagree to remain silent.


With the midterm election so close its predictable that violence will increase and we will most likely see wild and crazy things coming from the left. What is at stake as the political swamp continues to drain, more individuals are coming forward to get their name in front of any type of audience as they seek their 15 minutes of fame.


We still have entertainers and athletes who feel they are so self-important and must express their personal and political views to an American public that is past the point of caring.



Now for a “Deranged Supporter” of Trump to hatch a fake bomb scheme so closely after the Trump and Mattis suspicious letters incident that were filled with the deadly chemical “Ricin” but was intercepted before it got close to the intended targets, stinks to high heaven of copycat.


To make matters worse the “alleged” phony bomb bomber had a list of 100 political targets in his sights, thus 14+ devices have surfaced in various parts of the country. Think of the costs involved in this endeavor? One would have to purchase a lot of PVC piping, a white substance, wires, electrical tape and timers, padded envelopes, shipping tape and dispenser when planning for 100 such devices to be delivered and what about the manpower needed to get these packages into the postal service without drawing attention?


I doubt very seriously if one man alone could come up with a plan like that, then have enough patience, time or money to put everything into play. Then there is the logistics of taking each one to a postal facility or stopping a postal carrier on the street and handing him/her say 100 suspicious packages, each with misspelled mailing labels and return addresses. It would seem that someone even got a bit confused and sent on package to the return address and having one envelope going to the same return address?


It took less time for authorities to apprehend the suspect and confiscate both of his white vans, while passing off to the public that there is only one white van. That should make someone suspicious right away.


The intent of these hoax bombs, fake bombs or inert bombs is the fact that they seemed to be intended as a scare tactic to keep Republican voters from the polls so that the Democrat Party candidates would have a much better chance of winning they’re individual elections. This also served as a means to keep everyone’s focus away from the southern border incident about to unfold, say on 5 November 2018.


American’s are a lot smarter than other people think they are and can see through the fog of distractions quite well, since distractions are popping up at critical times in our nation’s activities both at home and abroad.


While there is not as much rumbling from the political left, one must remember they are out “beating  the bushes (figuratively speaking) trying to get their candidates with no actual political stance other than getting elected. But don’t forget – Winter is Coming! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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