Democrat Congress European Vacation Plans Spoiled



Democrat Congress European Vacation Plans Spoiled


Somebody didn’t get the memo and the bus load of Democrats headed to their “free ride” at taxpayer expense had to turn that bus around. That’s right that bus full of useless baggage was on the way to the airport before somebody probably read President Trumps tweet cancelling the military’s “Demojunket” and suggesting time would be better spent negotiating with him.


Well all’s well that ends well, right? Instead of the European Vacation Madam Speaker went to Reagan International Airport for her must needed trip home to California presumably to finish her family bonding after having to cut short her Hawaiian Christmas Vacation.


I presume that now the Democrats will have ample time airing out their dirty laundry, or at least sending it to the drycleaners, after all the sweat and toil exerted during their all expense paid recent trip to Puerto Rico.


All except newly elected Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-NY who has been roaming the halls of the congressional office buildings searching in vain for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office. I wonder if she had to purchase one of those tourist maps, or did she not know the offices are listed online at the official websites for either the House of Senate? Incidentally what do you suppose she was going to do when she found it, “Run Train” on him? Isn’t that a progressively ghetto term for “gang rape”? Just when you think Congressional Democrats have reached a plateau it seems that the bar is lowered still further.


It seems to me that the only time Congressional Democrats stop bashing President Trump is when they are fast asleep on their way to some far and exotic place as far away from Washington, DC as possible. I read a comment that the president should not have cancelled their trip, simply their return flight home out of Afghanistan. I’d like to see them hitch a ride on a C-130 where they had to sit on those web seats and made to pay for their sack lunch like many of us have done.


I don’t know what President Trump has up his sleeve, but tomorrow might be a bit interesting especially should it pertain to those invited congressional leaders who keep ditching his invitation to negotiate. And as far as Speaker Pelosi, she has exhibited no leadership in the House and it’s time for those new House Democrats to vote no-confidence and elect a new speaker. After all Pelosi has had 30 years in congress to make positive changes for the country, but chooses to stand on her laurel (where ever that takes her). – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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