Veterans are Important to America




Veterans are Important to America


They are the brightest and the best America has to offer. In their youth they served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. They pledged their honor and their lives for the cause of Freedom. They took “The Oath” to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic…… help us God! They’ve seen the best and the worst of humanity. They made a difference without any expectation of praise or recognition. They hung up their uniform, ready should the call “Come to Arms” sound once again. They are America’s Veterans of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and the Air Force.


In their youth they walked the walk and talked the talk. They were the original “Bad Boys” when circumstances called for being bad. They were then and are now “Brothers” sharing memories of a distant land where every turn yielded danger and death. They trained their replacements with a determination that nobody would be left behind. They trained for war.


Look around and you’ll see them in the grocery store, the hospital or medical clinic, stock brokers and insurance, in real estate or in the post office. They don’t look any different than you or I but when danger strikes they run toward it, not away. They’ve been there before and know exactly what needs to be done. They have the training and experience and are not afraid to use them. One cannot relate unless you’ve been there. Coming home after war is just not the same. Outwardly they may not look any different but deep inside something has happened that cannot adequately be described.


I’m talking about America’s veterans. These are not the video game snipers who know all the cheats to get to the next level. They are not the video race car drivers who always find a way to win and there is no comparison.


America is on the verge of another civil war where a divided nation stands for honor, respect and decency or for civil unrest and chaos.


The line in the sand is a clear one, yet very few seem to see it. Patriots are those who are prepared and ready and know exactly what to do when the going gets tough. They have a clear advantage over those who confuse socialism with social media where fear, intimidation and violence are simply tools of the trade, a means to an end.


American patriots are God fearing, bible believing, gun toting family men and women who when the time comes will rise up and face the evil menace to society. Do not be quick to judge a man or woman by what you see, because it’s what you don’t see and don’t know that will become known as we ask Almighty God for guidance, strength and victory. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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