Insurrection in 2020 America



Insurrection in 2020 America


Ready or not the day of reckoning is coming to our country by organized forces. They are aided by corrupt government officials who ignore the law or simply do not prosecute the offenders. We are seeing that in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Columbus, Ohio and a number of cities across this nation. The warning signs have been ignored as some officials have called it people having fun or a by-product of the lockdown. Law Enforcement Officers have been largely defanged by corrupt city and state officials who want to appease the insurrectionists rather than confront them head on.


When federal taskforces ascended upon Portland and moved into other cities local officials demanded the federal LEOs leave. They should have done that with the domestic terrorists turned insurrectionists, yet they chose not to.


So brazen are the attacks on state and federal facilities, private businesses and residences that now the BLM movement in Seattle has huge mobs moving through residential neighborhoods demanding that white people give up their homes to black people. LEOs are being attacked with lethal force by terrorist groups while having their authority and credibility withheld. As these terrorist and insurrectionists groups move about freely with no resistance they become emboldened and enough is never enough.


It’s no longer child’s play people are being severely injured and dying, even now!


It is the stated Democratic Party’s official goal to remove President Trump and/or to insure he is not re-elected. During a televised address to the nation Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently said, “He will not be President in 2021 – one way or another!” This has gotten out of hand!


I take that personal and as a threat aimed squarely at the President of the United States.


The Democratic Party is a corrupt party of lies, threats and intimidation. Their goal is absolute power and it’s been said that absolute power corrupts absolutely.


It is the intention of domestic terrorism in America to cause chaos with the fall of the government their ultimate goal. If that were to successfully happen chaos would quickly spread to other nations resulting in a massive worldwide war – Armageddon.


I’m not an alarmist, nor am I promoting the violent overthrow of our government. What I am saying is presently the domestic terrorists and insurrectionists are far from a majority in this country. There are a great many military veterans, hunters and serious weapons and tactics experts who could very quickly step in to aid and assist LEOs in combatting these terrorist groups. In cases where local officials interfere with public safety, armed citizen volunteers could be federally deputized and deployed into the heart of the violence to assist state National Guard units to stop the violence and restore law and order. In the case of the President invoking the Insurrection Act, massive federal troops could be deployed to restore order and quell the violence. Offenders would then be in violation of federal law. Corrupt local officials could also be held on federal statutes. Even corrupt federal government officials who aid or assist the lawlessness would have to be brought under federal statutes. This all happens because good people do nothing when seeing bad people doing bad things. It’s not in my neighborhood, my city or my state “so what’s the big deal?”


As Hillary so brazenly once said, “What does it matter now?”


The time is coming and is now here. You decide – what does it matter to our nation, our neighbors and our families. It may be time for President Trump to invoke The Insurrection Act?  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Freedom Matters

Freedom Matters - Branco

Freedom Matters
What is important to your family, your neighborhood, your city and YOUR FUTURE? November 3rd – Vote Wisely
Chose ye this day……………….
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised
R. Defend the Police
D. Defund the Police
R. Defund Planned Parenthood
D. Fund Planned Parenthood
R. Stop the Violence
D. Mostly Peaceful Protests
R. 2nd Amendment – Own and Bear Arms
D. We’re coming for your Guns
R. 1st Amendment – Worship God
D. Church Services spread the Virus
R. Chinese Virus
D. Racist to call it Chinese Virus
R. Open Up America – Back to Normal
D. Stay closed until – Vaccine for All is found
R. Lower Taxes
D. Raise Taxes
R. US Largest Producers of Oil on Earth
D. Eliminate Fossil Fuels
R. Climate Change is a Hoax
D. Climate Change is Real – OAC’s Green New Deal
R. Tariffs or Pay Fair Share
D. No Tariffs
R. Chinese Communist Party is creator of Virus
D. Don’t worry about China
R. Build the Wall – Finish it
D. Tear down the wall – Open border
R. Mail In Ballots for All – Overwhelming Potential for Fraud Abuse
D. Must have Mail in Ballots for All – Unsafe to vote in person
R. Comprehensive Immigration Reform
D. Defund ICE & CBP
R. Vote Common Sense – What have you got to lose?
D. Minorities MUST vote Democratic – like you always have…..
R. Safety and security of Citizens
D. Autonomous Zones and Sanctuary Cities
(Feel Free to Pass it on or Share). – I am the Real Truckmaster!

So Tell Me Again?

So Tell Me Again?


Let’s see…. I’m from Idaho and I sometimes have a hard time understanding how a deadly virus can be contained by a piece of cloth? After spending more than 20 years in the military and training with the deadly CS gas and running around Europe in MOPP level 4 gear in anticipation of nuclear biological and chemical warfare here we are facing the most deadly virus known to man in 2020 – the “Corona”, named after a beer?


We are just now finding out that it was created by the Communist Chinese Party’s military laboratory in Wuhan, China but politicians are afraid of offending the CCP so we aren’t allowed to call it the Chinese Virus or the WuFlu.


Along with millions of other Americans I would like to know why there are no hazardous materials containers on every block and every street corner of every city in every state in the nation to contain the spread of a virus when flimsy paper throw away face coverings are THROWN AWAY.


I see them in hospitals and doctor offices when going in for an exam or treatment. They are clearly marked HAZMAT. We even have teams wearing full HAZMAT suits when cleaning up fuel spills on the highways.


But we’re supposed to think that the Corona or to be politically correct the COVID-19 virus is so deadly that it will kill EVERYBODY unless we wear a paper, throw away face covering?


Seriously, I understand that people are getting the virus and there is cause for alarm. We must take precautions like staying away from those who are sick (common sense). We must cover our mouths and nose when we cough (common sense). We must regularly clean our hands and face with soap and water to prevent the virus from getting into our bodies (common sense). When we feel sick we see a doctor to determine what treatment will combat our symptoms (common sense).


It is time for us to use common sense as adults to insure we are keeping ourselves and others around us safe. We must continue to teach our children about sanitation and cleanliness. Teachers and school administration we must ensure our schools are kept clean and safe for students and staff. City officials we must insure that our cities are safe for everyone. That must include keeping trash and human waste off the streets and out of storm drains, creeks, rivers and drinking water supplies. County and state officials who must insure everywhere is safe for residents and visitors alike. Federal government manages national lands and parks to insure they are safe places for tourists. We must keep things in proper perspective.


We have dealt with viruses like the flu and other “pandemics” for years. It seems to be when the government gets involved that everything is a major crisis. New procedures have to be thought of and enacted. Enforcement MUST be done to insure these procedures are followed TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW (even when it isn’t even a law). There must be fear police to stoke the fires of fear, and see that people are adequately afraid.


It’s time for all of us to get on with living. The only sure thing in life is that death will overtake us all and we will never get out of here alive! Don’t bother to reply or say that I’m full of it. I’ve been called many things by many people and yes I’ve been full of sarcasm from the time I was born (ask my brothers). – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Sad Times in Our Country?

sarcasm spices conversation


Sad Times in our Country?


The outcome of the November presidential election has folks jittery on all sides of the political spectrum. They fear that if Trump is not re-elected he will refuse to leave office or he will cry loudly “Voter Fraud” and contest the election. Others fear that if Biden wins the election he will effectively be a straw president unable to uphold the office of President and a call to enact the 25th Amendment would replace him with whoever becomes his VP running mate. Still another fear is the race is too close to call for obvious reasons and neither candidate take the required number of votes from the Electoral College and the Speaker of the House becomes President. We have less than 90 days before American voters head to the polls or cast their mail in ballots.


The stakes of the nation are extremely heightened by the domestic terroristic tactics of groups like Antifa headquartered in Portland, Oregon and the Black Lives Matter movement based out of Seattle, Washington. Both have been flexing their muscles in their respective cities for some time.


The George Floyd event in Minneapolis, Minnesota was a spark that ignited peaceful protest by community organizers joined by BLM and Antifa’s domestic terrorists quickly turning into vandalism, assaults and even murder before full-fledged rioting, looting and burning of businesses and local government and police offices, vehicles and attacks upon Law Enforcement Officers that has since spread into civil disobedience on a nationwide scale.


The resulting reaction from political figures (governors and mayors in every affected cities and states have been to side with the “protestors” and order LEOs to stand down while innocent bystanders are physically assaulted by Antifa wearing BLM clothing and carrying BLM banners. Police precincts have been vandalized and LEOs and others have been locked inside as buildings were set on fire. Clearly attempted murder by lawless rioters yet no action was taken to condemn or to stop it. Governors failed to call in their National Guard to restore law and order. While nobody wanted a repeat of Kent State nobody stood on the side of law and order or public safety as more LEOs were ordered to stand down.


Next were chants to defund the police and abolish the police which should have been quickly squelched by local officials. Instead mayors made a show of reducing the salaries and operating budged of local LEOs. Some mayors even marched with the “protestors” while their bewildered LEOs were forced to look the other way. Even as police vehicles were destroyed, buildings ignited and officers assaulted and murdered. Governors and mayors went so far as to allow “protest zones” within the inner cities and likened them to summer lovefests or some such nonsense.


When the DOJ began sending in federal taskforces to protect federal property and to ensure the safety of government employees and citizens a cry was heard all the way to the White House. The cry was not to thank President Trump but to demand federal “Stormtroopers” leave immediately.


I may have missed a few things but in my opinion the rioters of Antifa, BLM and other Fascist and Marxist groups actively participating in the civil unrest are not exercising any of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They are conducting criminal acts and Sedition, possibly even Treason against US Government officials while threatening to topple the sitting President of the United States.


Here is something to think about with the rioters. (I’m not going to continue calling them protestors as they passed that mark a long time ago). We see the media showing BLM mostly “peaceful protesting” where white people are passing themselves off as BLM protestors, while vandalism is done by black looters in the name of BLM are simply hungry and looting for bread. How much bread is there in the high end computer stores, automobile sales lots and Walmart, Target or other stores that are stripped of high end electronics typically in Democratic lead cities? Why are groups of men and women brandishing and pointing guns menacingly at motorists and preventing them from passing by? After targeting the inner cities, and moving into the suburbs, primarily into rich neighborhoods they attempt to provoke a police response.


This weekend how many were killed and wounded in Chicago without so much as a whimper from the media, yet when a suspect fires on police and police return fire, then it’s considered grounds to vandalize and loot more high end stores in downtown Chicago?


These are the groups dedicated to creating chaos across America and all the while Americans are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are social distancing, wearing face coverings and staying safe at home while either being unemployed or attempting to keep our businesses afloat. We have schools that have been closed way too long. Our churches and places of worship are shuttered or allowed to open with unrealistic restrictions while bars, casinos and fast food establishments are allowed to open with far less restrictions. There is concern, not that rioters are social distancing or wearing face coverings or restricting the number of rioters who can attend any of their “events”.


Democratic politicians have not openly opposed them, yet threaten Americans who don’t follow their “COVID-19 protocol”. Tell police to stand down for rioters, but arrest someone for not wearing a mask is simply ridiculous. The concern is whether people can move about outdoors freely without social distancing, wearing face coverings or dancing in the streets that might cause the virus to spread. You can’t have it both ways, yet we do.


The criminal acts and those who organize, finance, lead and participate are criminals and should be locked up. Politicians (any elected or appointed) who encourage aid, abet or enable lawlessness are just as guilty as if they personally participated in the assaults, murder and rioting. They should resign or be removed from office, charged, tried and when convicted sentenced according to the seriousness of the charge(s) and they should be held personally and criminally responsible.


I personally don’t think masks work. They don’t stop any viruses. They don’t offer any sort of protection. If worn without being cleaned properly can lead to far worse problems. There is no reason anyone who is hiking in the mountains, fishing in a lake, riding a bike or driving in a car or traveling with family and friends should wear a mask. Going into close proximately to others in a mall or grocery story common sense should prevail. Adults have the capacity to make decisions based upon their individual circumstances and understand the consequences of their actions.


Now about the election and mail in voting, some states have been using mail in voting or absentee ballots for years. When they are done correctly and honestly it offers folks the ability to vote when they otherwise would have been unable to.


What doesn’t make sense is mandating mail in voting for everyone. (It’s like Medicare for all, free stuff for all and anything else for all). There are several reports of millions of ballots coming back as undeliverable or even being mailed to outdated addresses. Think of all the wasted funds? It would have been easier if each state would validate their voter rolls databases. If there are more votes cast than there are registered voters or voters casting multiple ballots that can be a problem?


Now here’s something to think about. What if it becomes a contested race and no clear winner is outright elected who becomes president – Pelosi – what if she is voted out of office too? How is that addressed in the Constitution? Yeah that might open a really big can-of-worms.


Historically Americans step up when the going gets tough. A great number of men and women hunt, own guns and who would willingly step up if law enforcement is unwilling or unable to provide protection and security in our country. We have seen in recent weeks where thugs with guns decide to go into an area they are unfamiliar with and are met with an overwhelming force. Some of these encounters ended up by the aggressor being outmatched or outsmarted.


Not too long ago there were incidents in Colorado Springs where Antifa and BLM were doing their thing with blocking traffic on the interstate and messing around downtown taunting police. Some of these folks decided to head to where the super-max prison was located and were met by townsfolks who made it clear they were not wanted. The group rolled into town, stopped at the city hall where they took some pictures and hurriedly got back in the vans and left without saying goodbye.


This country has always been divided – law abiding vs lawlessness. So long as law and order prevail things are good, but when lawlessness is allowed to flourish – not so good. Our enemies are attacking covertly and with surrogates like we see on the news. Groups like BLM and Antifa did not just appear out of nowhere, but are international terrorist groups conducting domestic terrorism activities on the streets of our nation. What they have experienced thus far is silence from the liberal left and even a weird kinship with Democratic politicians who’d rather side with them, than stand up and say enough!


It doesn’t matter which party wins in November, the domestic terrorist groups have promised to EXPLODE into more radical terrorist activities after the election. One group is threatening to occupy the White House next month for 57 days. That won’t work out well for them. So unless they are identified and their leadership rounded up, prosecuted and sentenced for sedition or an appropriate sentence there will be open warfare on our streets.


This election is less than 90 days away and the outcome will affect the nation going forward.


If Democrats win overwhelmingly the Legislative and Executive Branches the nation will fail because their same failed Democratic policies of the past are still failed policies.


If Republicans win overwhelmingly the Legislative and Executive Branches the nation has a better chance of recovering economically but we must get the nation opened up and back to normal.


We cannot live in fear of – what if – that is not who we are as a nation or a people. We will pull together drain the swamp completely and remove deep state operatives to be identified and prosecuted for this ongoing coup. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



National Security Private Servers and Official Classified Documents




National Security Private Servers and Official Classified Documents


Everyone who has worked for the US government in any capacity involving computers understands cyber security and safeguarding classified documents. In fact many US government employees, elected officials and political appointees take an oath to do just that. Members of Congress and Administration cabinet officials all pledge to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.


Cyber security is taken very seriously in the Department of Defense and violations are handled rather quickly even for seemingly minor infractions. Take the case of a young sailor during the Obama Administration on a submarine who was convicted of sending a photo home from inside a classified nuclear submarine. Did you say double standard? I certainly did and so did President Trump. It wasn’t until Trump pardoned the sailor that he was released from confinement.


So how is it that the spouse of a former President, a former Senator and at the time the sitting Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton decided against all protocols and common sense to use a private email server to send and receive classified correspondence instead of official channels?


Recently testifying before a Senate committee former Acting Director of the FBI in the Obama Administration, Sally Yates also admitted using a private email server for official business.


It brings into question unlawful practices involving National Security that may have occurred elsewhere in the Obama Administration, like say in the White House with POTUS44 (Obama) and/or VP47 (Biden). If that isn’t scary enough given the corruption emerging from within the Democratic Party, what if this violation of Cyber Security occurred in other cabinet posts and/or Ambassadorships? Or extended to Congressional Democrats (current and former) or their Congressional Staff in Washington or in their home offices? With all the “leaking” of sensitive information to the press over the past 4 years and the endless Congressional Committee “investigations” I suspect that the swamp is much larger and deeper than anyone is aware of and for reasons not yet disclosed. We have former national security officials appearing on mainstream daytime news media programs and nightly talk shows pushing their hatred for Trump and promoting their latest tell all book deals, possibly containing classified material with nobody the wiser………until now. If you begin hearing a huge sucking sound coming out of Washington don’t be surprised if it is only the sound of the swamp draining. – I am the Real Truckmaster!





Controversy Over Black Lives Matter




Controversy Over Black Lives Matter


Instead of walking on eggshells I want to directly engage a discussion of the BLM movement. I can appreciate and share the concern about black lives. Their creation came about during the Obama administration and their leader was even invited to the White House by President Obama. What they discussed was anybody’s guess as I saw little to nothing in the media afterwards.


Since then the BLM movement virtually stalled in Seattle. They were not prepared for or organized to spread nationally until the untimely death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The BLM Foundation quickly seized at the opportunity of local community protest and as they moved into the highly profile scene, not realizing they were not the only ones (Antifa) had also been paying attention to what was beginning to happening.


It is my opinion that Antifa (a designated domestic terrorist organization) hijacked the BLM movement and turned peaceful protests into chaotic scenes of rioting, vandalizing, looting, burning, with assaults and murder under the banner of BLM. As news reporting showed protest marches and rioting I couldn’t help but notice the Antifa “uniform” of black or dark clothing, face coverings, helmets, clubs, guns and many white people holding BLM banners and Antifa flags.


Without realizing or wanting it to happen like this Black Lives Matter became the mantra chanted at every protest march and rioting. Even when statues began to be toppled it was known as BLM doing the dirty work. I don’t think the founder of BLM Foundation imagined the impact it would have on American lives let alone black lives.


Many politicians saw the BLM movement as a means to solidify their political career by catering to the demands and going so far as to ignore common sense and put BLACK LIVES MATTER in your face and on city streets in Democratically controlled cities, even violating local laws, ordnances and protocols.


As the cry to “Defund the Police” and “Abolish the Police” became the rallying cry of Antifa and socialistic radicals across the nation these same politicians did not oppose them, but began giving in to their demands against public safety concerns of their citizens. Their decisions paved way to widespread destruction of infrastructure and public safety as open assaults have been allowed to continue for more than 2 months already.


It is currently politically incorrect to challenge the premise that Black Lives Matter. Anyone who questions that statement must be a racist! Advertisers have put together catchy 60 second spots on television and cable that now say “No Lives Matter until Black Lives Matter first”. Why is it important that anyone think that Black Lives Matter, when down in the “Hood” black lives clearly don’t matter as black-on-black crime continues to rise in places like Chicago, New York City and many other places.


The premise that cops are out to get black lives is a fantasy. Statistics show that cops enforcing the laws may in fact encounter more black suspects because there is more black criminal activity and gang violence, yet black deaths at the hands of cops is exceedingly low compared to other racial groupings.


What I fail to see is why high level politicians and former government officials do not give their priority to reducing crime in these crime ridden areas? What has Obama done during his time in the Senate and as President and in the 4 years after to actively organize efforts to reduce the crime in Chicago where he was first serving as an appointed/elected official? As a community organizer when did he organize Chicago into Neighborhood Watch communities? He clearly has the experience and financial resources to give back to those who gave him their trust. If Black Lives Mattered to Obama why did he not focus on criminal reforms that would lift the black community out of the poverty that traps them?


If Black Lives Matter, I mean really matter why do black legislators and politicians do nothing to stop activities like Planned Parenthood who target the disadvantaged primarily in the black community by aborting (murdering) the unborn while they are still living inside the womb?


I say to the founder of Black Lives Matter take your message of hope to the inner city and teach respect for others so they will choose to stop this unnecessary violence when drugs and money equal power over others and fear and intimidation are tactics designed to keep people oppressed. How can you even say Black Lives Matter when your actions say otherwise? Without God there is no hope. Without God there is no future to look forward to, we must learn to fear God, to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We must learn to respect and put others first.


All Lives Matter – unless you believe your life doesn’t matter. – I am the Real Truckmaster!







If I ask what is essential I’d get different answers depending on who I asked right?


So I looked online at these three different sites:


Essential – Definition, absolutely necessary; indispensable.


Essential – Suggests that which is in the very essence or constitution of a thing.


Essential – Definition: Necessary or needed.


In light of recent events we are constantly bombarded with the political implications regarding who, what or when someone or some place is deemed essential. I still want to know who decided to make that worldwide determination for mankind. Who is the driving force behind it all?


One of the first things after the surfacing of the China Virus or as it has now been dubbed “The Election Infection” was the determination of businesses that were essential. It was consensual that hospitals and first responders were essential to treating those who became infected with the COVID-19 virus. It also made hospital workers, doctors, nursing and medical staff essential. Law Enforcement, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Technicians were included in this initial order.


All personnel not employed in critical care medical treatment facilities were considered non-essential and ordered to remain home in self-isolation. No trips to the store, no barber or beauty salon services, no visiting relatives, no worship services and no recreation facilities could open. Stay safe at home and we’re together alone became catch phrases to live by. All other businesses were considered non-essential and must immediately close. Schools and all education facilities were closed indefinitely. Children were to be home-schooled (parents weren’t allowed back to work yet anyway).


It was soon realized (sooner for some) that food and medications were needed by residents and grocery stores could open with caveats – facemasks, social distancing and limited number of patrons allowed. This meant that grocery store workers were now considered essential and some were allowed to go to work. Then home supply (hardware) stores were considered essential and store employees were allowed back to work. Customers had to comply with caveats – facemasks, social distancing and limited number of customers allowed. It wasn’t long before liquor stores and marijuana shops became essential and their store workers became essential. Next hair salons, massage parlors and hands on medical treatment facilities were deemed essential and their workers allowed back to work. Every time an entity was deemed essential, so were their workers. One of the last vestiges were restaurants comply with caveats – facemasks, social distancing and limited number of customers allowed.


So 20 + weeks into this economic shutdown schools are still closed and teachers are fighting returning to work over fears of catching the virus. Churches in many areas are allowed to reopen at 50% capacity and comply with caveats – facemasks, social distancing and limited number of congregation allowed.


During this time of shutdown protests turning into riots began to breakout in cities across the nation. Businesses and official government facilities were vandalized, looted and burned while local politicians restricted law enforcement response an allowed lawlessness to continue. Apparently lawless domestic terrorists had been deemed essential and exempt for complying with caveats – facemasks, social distancing and no limit on the number of rioters allowed to participate. Many innocent civilians were attacked, injured and killed in the name of social justice while officials cheered and/or participated.


Who died and left the hidden person in charge of essential/non-essential determinations. Is it the same person(s) who decided that there is no cure for COVID-19 and everyone must remain at home until a vaccine is available for all?  So many questions and every answer lead to even more questions. Will all this craziness suddenly end after November 3rd, 2020? Will life return to normal with all the violence just a bad dream? Regardless of the outcome of the election will everything suddenly be better on November 4th, 2020?


The only thing that is essential for life is Almighty God. He is the giver of life and the creator God. If he created it – it is essential. No government, man or entity can save mankind from the craziness of life as we know it. Only salvation in the blood and name of Jesus Christ is essential to take one to the throne of Almighty God in heaven. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Then God Sent a Warrior




Then God Sent a Warrior


As this fictional story goes a man was trapped on top of his house in a flood. He prayed asking God to save him. As the flood waters kept rising a helicopter came and lowered a rope ladder. “Grab hold of the ladder” someone yelled from the helicopter. The man refused, saying “God will save me.” Next came a boat and someone yells to the man, “Get in the boat.” The man refused, saying “God will save me.” Finally he water rose over the top of the house and the man drowned. At the pearly gate the man cried out to God, “Why didn’t you save me?” It is told that God answered, “I sent a helicopter and a boat. Why didn’t you get in?”


The state of the nation has been in a virtual decline for quite some time. We are like frogs in a pot of lukewarm water and the burner has been on low. As a nation we’re wrestling with racism which threatens to divide us. We’ve grown accustomed to and made abortion not only acceptable but a women’s “right” issue. We’ve made it legal to recognize gay “rights” and openly flaunt same sex or “partner” relations outside of traditional marriage. We’ve taken God out of schools, businesses and politics. It is acceptable to talk about religion, just not about God or godly values. Our blind acceptance of worldly values and political correctness is taking our nation down a road to nowhere.


For years Christians have been on their knees praying for God to save our nation from our sins. We question that our prayers are even heard? We doubt that if heard our prayers will not even be answered? We have doubted God and submitted ourselves to fear. We have doubted ourselves? Do we really trust God? Maybe we are not worthy? Maybe we are justified by our doubt and fear? How would we know if God really did answer? Would he give us a sign?


Maybe it’s time we go back in time and read Isaiah 45 to see what God did when he called Cyrus to become king of Israel? Although Cyrus didn’t know God, God heard the people wanting a king and he gave them Cyrus.


The same is true of our nation. Although not mentioned in the bible, the United States was created with a purpose to be a shining city on a hill for the glory of God. A people wanting freedom to worship God, live peacefully and raise their families. And as will everything that God creates, there are elements of the dark side who attempt to derail what God is doing. When we settled peacefully in the colonies, trouble showed its ugly head with the introduction of slavery, deception and murder. As our nation expanded from sea to shining sea, trouble showed its ugly head even more with lying, deceit, greed and the thirst for power over people. As our nation grew, so was the thirst for power. Americans chose and adopted a Constitution based upon godly principles that became our Rule of Law. Americans wanted a king, but instead chose presidents to head our newly formed Constitutional-Republic.


During the past 240+ years since 1776 we have had a total of 45 presidents. Each one selected by Almighty God for specific times and purposes. Not all have been godly men. Some have been deeply rooted in religion, while others had their feet firmly planted in the world. Some were of strong character, while others were in fact weak. During trying times in our nation’s history God chose men for each occasion. Often they have been popular men with viable name recognition it has been the most unlikely choice.


Just in my lifetime after the assassination of JFK, we got LBJ. After the resignation of Nixon we got Ford. Terrorist attacks on our homeland occurred with Reagan, Clinton, Bush and the people wanted more and God sent Obama. God’s way is not to force his will on anyone so clearly giving people what they want is not always best. Always giving our children what want is not always what they need or what is best for them either. Not satisfied the people cried out to God even more as the world continued its downhill spiral. God needed a warrior to stop evil and expose the evils of political corruption so God sent Trump.


You may be thinking that God made a mistake? You would be wrong.


How do I know? Look around at the evil that has risen to an unprecedented level, never before seen in the history of our nation. Trump was not on anybody’s radar as a politician. By all standards Trump is a self-made man. He has everything imaginable – power, fame and fortune. Hobnobbing with the rich and famous, even politicians saw him as a feather in their caps. A picture with him was a trophy and his donations were sought. Everything changed when Trump entered into the political arena.


Campaigning on Building the wall, draining the swamp and making America great again sent shockwaves throughout political circles on both sides of the isle. Trump became poison as politicians wanted nothing to do with him. After Trump’s inauguration Congressional GOP began distancing themselves from him. Congressional Democrats began a campaign of resistance. Entrenched Obama Administration enacted a coup and began conspiring to remove him from office – one way or another and at all costs.


Americans did not know, nor did we realize there even was a swamp in Washington. We have long suspected that politicians have their own political survival first and foremost as their priority. We have gotten used to expecting them to tell us what we want to hear, while doing what we cannot see and we have been living with the consequences. What goes on in Washington doesn’t stay there, but affects us all. Politicians are not held to the same standard or rules as the average taxpaying citizens. We have never been aware of how a public servant can become a millionaire on taxpayer dollars?


A great number of American voters are influenced by unsavory politicians, unethical news outlets and dishonest staff, but have never met, negatively or personally affected by Donald J. Trump as president or otherwise. Their dislike is solely manufactured.


Likewise many who call themselves Christians are taken back by the sinful nature of the man based on what has been released in the media. They do not equate themselves to the sinful nature of man in that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. They do not believe that God would save such a man as Trump. So I ask, did God save a sinner like you or me? Is it not God’s will that no man perish? Is it God’s will that everyone come to the salvation knowledge of God?


When God called his name, Donald Trump could have said, I’m an important man and I’m busy. Yet he did not. We are told many are called but few are chosen. Of those who answer the call of God are even fewer. They are the ones who have the most to give up. So why would a man who has everything, give it up to become President of the United States? Did he anticipate the amount of anger and resentment that would rise up against him or did he trust God? Trump has a vision of great things for our nation and he made it his purpose to be obedient to what God called him to do. It’s such a huge responsibility. Doesn’t the bible tell us to whom much is given, much is required?


Do you know that when George W. Bush became President his first official trip outside the United States was to Mexico? Do you know that when Barack H. Obama became President his first official trip outside the United States was to Canada? Do you know that when Donald J. Trump became President his first official trip outside the United States was a five-day “World Religion Tour” to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he was greeted by Saudi King Salman and spoke at the Abdulaziz International Conference Center, then he went to Israel where he met with the Prime Minister of Israel, before going to the infamous Wailing Wall. He then had a solemn discussion with the Palestinian leader. The purpose of this trip was to begin Middle East Peace Talks, and then he went to Rome where he met with the Pope? While President Trump was initiating international diplomacy abroad the Congressional Democrats were plotting ways to impeach him. What does that tell you? It confirms what I already knew, that Donald J. Trump was the right man as the 45th President. It signaled that trouble lay ahead for him, his administration and for the American people.


That was 4 years ago and much water has crossed under the bridge since then. Because this is an election year and all previous attempts to sabotage the Trump presidency have failed we started off 2020 with a totally new issue facing our nation and the world. It is the China Virus that surfaced in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Over the years we’ve had other virus’ impact our world, but none so mysterious as this unknown entity called COVID-19.


What may have begun accidently in a laboratory in Wuhan, China has caused a great amount of anxiety and confusion worldwide. There have been shortages of virtually every type of commodity you can name. Those most notable shortages were over toilet paper, hand towels, hand sanitizer and various cleaning agents. Other shortages included meat, eggs and a host of other food items and necessities. Currently there appears to be a nationwide coin shortage (first time in history).


We are down to the wire with 90 days before the 2020 Presidential Election. The field has narrowed to Democratic challenger former Vice President Joe Biden and Karen Bass Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. They promise to raise taxes and undue what the current administration has done. They offer no hope of a better tomorrow, only a future moving forward without a President Trump in it.


The incumbent President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have engaged the consciousness of America with hope for a brighter future ahead while they opt for a Safer America with even more jobs available and an economy far better than ever (before COVID-19).


It now comes down to American voters to decide if they want more rioting and lawlessness in a Biden presidency or do you want more hope for you and your families in a better tomorrow from a continuation of the Trump presidency? Elected officials know that to get your vote they must sing the same old song, dance to the same old tune and do so until the polls close in Hawaii on November 3rd, 2020.


Happy with your free stuff vote Blue – happy with your OWN stuff vote Red – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Why Must You Explain Doing Right?




Why Must You Explain Doing Right?


Recently Orlando Magic Forward Jonathon Isaac stood during the National Anthem prior to the game while all other players took a knee. Since when must someone explain doing the right thing?


Steelers Defensive End Stephon Tuitt recently explained why he stands as a proud American and will continue to honor his country and set an example for his children to stand for what they believe in.


In 2017 Steelers Alehandro Villanueva a US Army Veteran and former Captain chose to defiance of the team by standing during the National Anthem, was severely reprimanded and team shamed until he issued a public apology for defying other members of the team.


During an international competition of the US Women’s Volleyball Kelly O’Hara sprang into action to rescue the American flag.


US Women’s Volleyball team captain Megan Rapinoe did quite the opposite by dishonoring the nation she represented on foreign soil.


Answer me this: Since when has kneeling become the norm and honoring the nation, its symbols and traditions something to be avoided in the United States of America?


Every player who kneeled should have had to explain why they chose to be disrespectful before being terminated. I don’t know if the blame is totally on the players, after all they’re only doing what they see others do, right? Pier shaming is now the new normal in professional sports. Football players do it. Baseball players do it. Basketball players do it. Race car drivers do it. Volleyball players do it. I’ll bet even professional swimmers too?


This started after President Trump made a statement that those dishonoring the flag or national anthem should be fired after the Kapearnick incident on national television in 2017.


At that particular time in our nation’s history public display of national disrespect became acceptable. Did it begin at home? How can that be when Kapearnick came from a wealthy, privileged family? Did they fail to teach American history in his upper class preppy school? Maybe he’s simply a victim of white privilege?


Even the National Football League made a decision, as did the owners, coaches and managers of many professional sports teams to error on the side of disrespect by allowing political discord onto the sidelines, into the dugouts and even onto player’s uniforms.


It is time for everyone to stop allowing herd mentality to govern doing the wrong thing for any reason. The answer is simple, if you don’t like where you live move. If you feel oppressed living in the United States then go somewhere else with hundreds of countries to choose from finding a suitable place should be easy – don’t forget to bring and wear a mask.


Call me old fashion or a relic of the past but there are things you don’t do around me.

Don’t take the name of the Lord in vain

Don’t act stupid.

Don’t cuss.

Don’t chew.

Don’t go out with women that do.

Don’t mess with my family.

Don’t disrespect or abuse the elderly (anyone older than you).

Don’t mistreat animals.


Honor the United States of America

Honor the Constitution of the United States

Honor the President and Vice President

Honor the Flag,

Honor the National Anthem


Respect the symbols of our nation’s history (statues)

Respect mom and dad (grands too)

Respect brothers and sisters (everyone)

Treat others fairly and with the utmost respect


It may have been fig Newton who said for every action there are consequences.

Newton’s Law of Motion: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction:

Disrespect has very real yet often unequal consequences. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Illiteracy Shackles the Mind


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Illiteracy Shackles the Mind


Can someone be educationally illiterate or an educated illiterate? You know what I’m referring to a virtual know-it-all who knows absolutely nothing of which he’s claims. In the military they are the ones who rise to the top of their professional educational class, have checked off all the boxes and gotten them all correct yet when putting it into practice “hands-on” they fall flat on their face. We used to say they couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Meaning they couldn’t walk and chew gum.


The same thing happens with political correctness. It is often smooth flowing words without engaging the analytical thought process. Someone might say something like “get yourself in gear by putting your finger in your ear”. Pretty soon someone else says it and others begin to chime in and then you have a mob walking around with their finger in their ear thinking they are getting themselves in gear. It might work for a little while until you try walking through a doorway, into a crowded elevator and someone pushes your arm to get the door closed. Closed door, open mind – literally as the finger protrudes into the ear cavity causing serious damage. Remember the woman who murdered her husband by feeding him drain cleaner and blaming it on President Trump who touted hydroxychloroquine? Whatever happened to her? Being illiterate doesn’t mean being stupid, quite the contrary, it just means being smart about the wrong thing.


See what’s happened with the political correctness craze, or should I say crazies. Someone claims ducks are offended by a Portland football team known as “The Ducks” and demands they change their name. Rather than some corporate executive or football coach explain the art of pounding salt, someone decides that ducks are being offended. In fact at football practice a flyover of offended ducks quacking madly “CHANGE THE NAME” in duck talk caused the water boy to have a social meltdown. So it is decided that the new name will be the “Portland Quakers”. That is until The Religious Order of the Quakers raises a ruckus.


Taken to the extreme the American English language will have to be seriously pared down because we have too many words that mean different things in other languages. In fact many of our words come from other languages.


But suppose we take things literally we’d have to stop calling it French bread unless it is made in France.

For sure French fries made at McD’s would have to be called something else too.

How about authentic Italian pizza, made in Brooklyn?

Popeye’s chicken couldn’t be called Popeye’s unless someone could verify that Popeye really made it.

Baby powder couldn’t be called that unless you could show powdered baby stuff in its composition.

Frankfurt, Kentucky would have to be renamed because it isn’t in Germany.

New York would have to be renamed unless you can show where on the map is Old York?

African-Americans could no longer be called that because unless they were born in Africa it is too offensive to claim to be from the African Continent, when you are actually from the American Continent and those two are vastly and geographically different.

All the names of American cities, counties, states and/or territories that are in a foreign language would have to be renamed to something uniquely American. There could be no Snake River winding across Idaho and Oregon unless it could be named after a non-threatening type of snake who is not offended.


Have you had enough? I sure have and that’s one more reason to get off this PC kick and start thinking of ways to make America a much better, safer and nicer place to live and raise a family. It’s too bad that every time someone raises the PC banter, he or she could simply be beamed over to another country and become their own problem?


Ask any new American citizen why they came to America and I’ll bet they don’t say to become Politically Correct and make everyone uneasy when I’m around. Conversely take any PC American and place them in a foreign country that they choose and see how far being PC takes them?


That’s why I say Illiteracy Shackles the Mind and Political Correctness is the manifestation of the disease of Illiteracy. Don’t just take my word for it. Look around and see for yourself. Do you want to be the one calling 911 because momma isn’t wearing a mask? Momma can handle a switch or a belt very effectively before the PC police can show up to rescue your sorry behind. It might just be time to drop out of charm school, leave mommas basement and get a J-O-B? – I am the Real Truckmaster!