Toilet Paper Hoarding How It All Began




Toilet Paper Hoarding How it all Began


It’s all too familiar now the empty shelves and fully loaded shopping carts filled only with toilet paper because of the Coronavirus. What is the connection? Google can be a very telling thing sometimes but you really have to dig for it.


So let us begin back in December when we began hearing of the dreaded Coronavirus originating in Wuhan China. I’m still not sure when the virus was discovered spreading from the meat market in Wuhan or what if any relevance the two biochemical laboratories may have with the virus, but from what I gather from doing a Google search China’s toilet paper factories ship their products throughout Asia and beyond?


In December 2019 it seems the TP factory ceased operation due to workers infected by a virus. As if this wasn’t bad enough, in February 2020 a hapless truck driver in Hong Kong was robbed at knife point of his load of toilet paper before he could unload at a scheduled stop. In March 2020 a video surfaced of two women (40+ years old & 60+ years old) were seen fighting over package of toilet paper. Apparently the video went viral.


Today in stores around the world toilet paper is more valuable than gold. In fact TP hoarding has no other relationship to the Coronavirus outbreak other than people are panicking due to the media and social media coverage of toilet paper shortages. I recently was shopping in Cosco and decided to pick up a package of TP, but found the pallet empty as a woman walked away with 2 packages of TP, while others carried 1 or 2 packages on their shoulders and everyone was looking worried like it was the end of the world. Then I heard the magic words – “There’s more coming out”. Sure enough the man with a forklift brought out another pallet of the white gold. I couldn’t help but notice there were a couple of packages missing before he had even moved the pallet.


While doing my early morning in Safeway I noticed a man walking out carrying 3 packages of TP as he left the store. After obtaining the 3 items I needed and I walked by the shelves I couldn’t help but notice there were only a few packages of TP available. I overheard two employees talking about this TP hording problem and they had no clue and found nothing online either?


Personally if I decide to self-isolate at home I don’t think I’d want to cook up a batch of TP as a stable food source and I wouldn’t waste my money on stockpiling TP unless I was trading a roll for a huge juicy steak or two?


May I suggest going to the CDC.GOV website for update information. So now you know the rest of the story! – I am The Real Truckmaster!


When it Comes to Politics Perception is Everything




When it Comes to Politics Perception is Everything


We’re being bombarded with information/misinformation/disinformation on a minute by minute basis so much so that we have been desensitized to the real nature of this attack on our sense of hearing and our reading ability. When we read something pertaining to “politics” regardless of being slanted “Democratic” or “Republican” we immediately call what we don’t know or understand as “Fake News”.


You do it; I do it; Congress does it; and yes President Trump does it too!


It’s important to vet your sources so that you don’t get caught up in somebody else’s lies.  I have found that in order to know what President Trump says I watch his live coverage, read his tweets and decide for myself if I agree with him or not. I don’t want some news commentator telling me “what he meant was this……” because as we saw during the impeachment fiasco Rep. Adam Schiff after reading the transcript of the Trump – Ukrainian phone call stood before the body of Congress and without reading or referring to any or all of the transcript said “this is what Trump really said”. It was simply spreading Fake News and nobody has yet to hold him accountable for it.


It’s like members of Congress coming out of a meeting with President Trump and jumping in front of television cameras to tell everyone what the President said behind closed doors. Also the solemn and very private phone call of condolence from President Trump to a recent widow of a US serviceman killed in the service to his country being politicized by Rep. Fredericka Wilson by disclosing portions of that phone call (Why was she even on or near the call in the first place?)


Remember the basketball players caught stealing in China and President Trump intervened with the president of China and they were returned to California? There was no gratitude given to the President or remorse by those caught in the act of stealing or by their parents. The media went wild spreading misinformation about President Trump. The only apology given by the basketball players was under duress by school officials (Not a real apology at all). What happened to them?


What is your impression or perception of President Trump based on? Is he an incompetent, undignified or not presidential enough for you to accept him as the legitimate President? Is your opinion based on firsthand knowledge, legend or lore? If so what have you done to justify your opinion or to get to the bottom of it? Do you watch mainstream television news coverage, daytime talk shows or radio broadcasts? What about social media? Have you accepted “It’s on Facebook so it must be true”? Are you on Twitter? Do you follow @RealDonaldTrump or @POTUS45? If you put yourself in the position of going with what you read on social media without verifying your source material – Shame on You!


Had you followed my blog posts of the past 4 years you would see that I began by belittling and making fun of the Democratic Sport of Never Trumpers and the Liberal Democratic Leftists? Maybe it was my way of coping? I’ve tried to change my tactics in an attempt to expose the real bias coming from the Liberal Left, the Progressive Democratic Party and the Fake News Media. Whether you like or dislike President Trump you are doing yourself a great disservice by ignoring the history being made in our presence by restricting yourself to a campaign of misinformation.


Media sponsored thugs (no longer reporters of the news), but editorialists in disguise want you to believe that President Trump is not a “real” president because he doesn’t act “presidential”.

Is it because he tweets? Other presidents have tweeted from the office of the president.

Is it because he golfs all the time? Well guess what other presidents golfed all the time before him. Many were on the golf course a lot.

Is it because he likes McDonald’s hamburgers and cokes? Well guess what so did other presidents.

Is it because he put his name on many of his properties? Well what have you done well enough that you’d want your name on it for the public to see? (If you do something, do it well enough to assign your name to it.)

Oh I know it’s because he tacks nicknames to his political foes? Well Hello – He’s an entertainer-in-chief.

Yes I know he doesn’t talk like a Christian and that’s fine. He has a specific task and purpose and like the rest of us God is still working on him. How about you?


So I ask you what does “being presidential” even mean?


Condensed from this 2016 article at

To be perceived as Presidential, it’s essential to exude “presence,” that indefinable inborn trait of a leader.

Someone has presence when they walk in and immediately command the room.

Do they inspire the confidence of their staff?

Do reporters know they’ll get a straight answer when they’re involved in a crisis?

Once they establish a point of view and message do they stick to it?

Don’t waffle on their points of view on the “wedge” issues like crime, immigration, and national security.

Know what they stand for and stand for what they believe in.

A leader will motivate and inspire the people in the organization.


There are many actors who have played the part, but only a small handful (45) actually became President of the United States. One of the best and worst was Martin Sheen playing the part of Democratic President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing television series 1999 – 2006, in my opinion was the realistic portrayal of a Republican administration by a fictional Democratic President.


In contrast the real life television Mongol and Real Estate tycoon Donald J. Trump was the least likely to succeed by politicians of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. The historical upset of Democratic political favorite Hillary Clinton forever changed the face of American politics as Republican President Donald J. Trump (#45) was inaugurated into office January 20, 2017. There have been only two men, George Washington and Donald Trump, who became President when the nation was in a time of need. They were not perfect men, yet perfect for the job at the time they assumed office.


The upcoming 2020 Presidential election has drawn a host of political hopefuls to challenge the incumbent President. It is my opinion that none of those running for the highest office against President Trump have the drive or determination required. They are simply runners who will tell their posterity that they were among those who challenged President Trump in 2020. Had any of them won that presidential race, they did not have a viable plan, or the wherewithal to take the nation to another plateau. What we have witnessed in our lifetime is a man so committed to the betterment of our nation that he laid aside his money and power and took on the mantle of President with no thought of personal gain simply because he could. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Am I Getting Through Yet?




Am I Getting Through Yet?


Just the past few days I’ve been posting some of my writings in an attempt to enlighten those who think only they are right and the other side is wrong. I’ve tried to highlight some of the events we’ve lived through just the past five years. The responses have been predictable.


We are not defined by where we were born, our political affiliation but our character is who we are as human beings. We are by our sinful nature born selfish and self-centered. We are pampered and catered to by our parents, our friends and by those who see us as a means to an end. How we react under pressure says a lot about us, who we really are?


When I was 11-12 I wanted to by a Democrat because President Kennedy was a Democratic. Later when I was old enough to vote I became a Republican because I identified with values of working hard and keeping my family safe. I began seeing other values emerge in different political parties and at one point I became disillusioned with all of them. Today I see compromise as a by-product of politics.


Some see Republicans as warmongers, while others see Democrats as profiteers. Our nation was not founded on political parties, but by men and women who simply wanted the freedom to worship God and raise their families in peace without the interference of a distant government whose only purpose was to tax them.


Today in 2020 as a nation we have come a long way, but have forgotten our way or how we got here. We are all born for the same purpose to worship the creator God who made us in his image yet we live our lives as if we are the center of the universe. We are not!


Let me try a new tactic – Why are you a “Democrat”, “Republican” or an “Independent”? Don’t give me the hype answer either. What has your party of choice given you? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



The House of Cards is Falling




The House of Cards is Falling


So if you didn’t like my blog about “Democrats or American” then you surely won’t like this one either. We’ve been seeing for well over the past 4 years Americans violating a great many biblical principles and protocols pertaining to good manners.


It is my opinion that Congress has become emboldened by the antics of what I call legislative lobbyists of the racist Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Democratic Caucus and any number of the 242 Congressional Caucuses operating in congress funded by taxpayer dollars beginning during the Nixon administration and against every Republican administration since. Having gained a foothold, the CBC has manipulated legislative power while intertwining various Congressional Caucuses and growing in sufficient numbers to influence the Democratic Party and its values as they steer the ship of legislation away from their role as defined in the Constitution.


Beginning in 2015 there were those who called Donald J. Trump first as presidential candidate, then president-elect and the sitting President of the United States vile names while insinuating a host of untruths and libelous bits of slander using the “leaked” video that would have brought down lesser politicians. Then the trumped up charges of sexual misconduct that never happened yet the damage was done. The false charges of Russian collusion, misuse of presidential powers in the office of President, then the Ukraine phone call that led to the trumped up charges of impeachment because those who brought charges seem to justify it because they didn’t like the “nicknames” Trump has tweeted about various people who enter the political scene. They say Trump is not presidential because they cannot control him.


During two Trump’s SCOTUS confirmation hearings the same failed process was tried on both Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. During the trial phase of the Trump Impeachment Chief Justice Roberts received a veil threat from Rep. Adam Schiff.


While America is dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak and Americans are being fed mis-information bringing things to a head, the recently concerted and public threat of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh by Sen. Chuck Schumer on the steps of the SCOTUS, followed by Tweeter threats by Rep. Ilhan Omar who accused two SCOTUS justices of being Sexual Predators while the court is hearing the case of Rowe versus Wade. Have these Democratic Politian’s fallen off their political rockers? Do they think that bullying and insulting the highest court in the land is the way to go? I think not!


These are among the latest examples of blatant congressional misconduct and ethics violations of epic proportions that must be addressed by congressional ethics committee requiring action that calls for censure and possible dismissal from Congress. The longer they go unchallenged the more emboldened these Democrats become. I see the House of Cards falling! It may be time for a Convention of States where We The People can dissolve Congress and the government and begin anew? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Are You a Democrat or American?




Are You a Democrat or American?


Last year on Facebook I saw the meme that said something to the effect “Are You a Democrat or American?” When I posted it to my wall one of my friends who is a die-hard Democrat responded, “Can’t you be both?” His reply has been playing havoc in the back of my mind ever sense so I thought I’d expound upon that for a moment or two.


American politics is a dirty business that doesn’t care whose lives are destroyed so long as they can play the political game to win.


I have noticed a theme for American’s who see themselves as Republicans it’s about self-defense and protecting others and goes to the core of American values and the root of our criminal justice system and the Constitution. They believe in God, family, country, working hard and playing hard. For many it’s about the toys – cars, trucks, guns, boats, fishing, hunting and family picnics.


Republican’s want lower taxes, steady work and freedom to worship God and the ability to protect themselves and their families as they cling to their bibles, guns and the Constitution. They believe in less government involvement so that with hard work and commitment everyone can achieve the American dream.


On the other hand a theme for Americans who see themselves as Democrats it’s about gun control and protecting you from yourself. This thinking goes against American values and directly opposes our criminal justice system. I liken Democrats to Islamic Extremists who figuratively and literally declare war against those who are not like them, making them fair game. The problem with that is when you run out of people who are not like you, then you focus on those like you but who are not you. Think of the school bully or the street gangs who roam around looking for someone upon whom to pounce. The bible says that Satan roams like a roaring lion looking for whom he can devour.


Democrats believe in God or gods, but seem to focus on the toys too. However it’s other people’s toys and how to get them for themselves. We heard that in the recent DNC presidential debates where the candidates all said they were going to raise taxes (and you’d be happy to pay higher taxes) to pay for all the free stuff they were promising. In fact we saw millionaires and billionaires telling us how corrupt millionaires are and they must share their wealth with those who are unable or unwilling to work for their money. One of the big things was free healthcare and education for all. No real plan to pay for the free stuff except to raise taxes even higher. They believe that the American dream is having everything provided for them by the government and it’s free. Failed politicians who endorse failed politics cause division among people. What has been going on in the United States for quite some time has been the use of education and the media to brainwash (if you will) people into submission and acceptance.


You don’t have to be a brain surgeon or a bio-nuclear-physicist to see the fallacy of these failed Democratic policies or the success of properly implemented Republican policies. It’s a proven fact that ideas not fully developed or properly implemented should never be instituted in the first place. If you look back through the rearview mirror of history it’s easy to see the result of those failed policies.


There is a huge misconception of socialism, largely supported by liberals, leftists, communists, socialists and in large part by the Democratic Party (DCCC) that ignores historical failures that have befallen literally millions of people around the world, and continue in places like Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea and many other countries. The use of terms like social media and social dating become confused with the term Socialism and they are nowhere close.


We have placed too much emphasis on education, yet even or especially the highly educated fall for that which they fail to acknowledge or understand. If you look at what Democrats are promoting as scams it’s easier to see that many are simply something for nothing schemes resulting in obtaining other people’s money and using it for personal gain.


American’s freely give to those in need, while Democrats freely take from those in need so I ask are you a Democrat or an American? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Revisited Discussion on Immigration




Revisited Discussion on Immigration


Last year (4-30-2019) I wrote this article concerning Immigration and Immigration laws in the United States. There are individuals and politicians actively aiding illegal immigrants prior to, during crossings and after slipping into the country providing false or incorrect information or without documentation. Not only are the illegal immigrants breaking the law, but those who aid and assist them in breaking the law are also law breakers.


In rare cases US Congressional Legislators have participated in this illegal process. A number of pregnant women have illegally entered the US in order to give birth so that the child is born a US citizen and the mother and child can remain in the US. Some individuals have made it into the border stations so they can plead for asylum, without providing any proof they’re life is in danger in their home country. This violation of the immigration process has overtaxed the resources at US border crossings and until recently have led to catch and release into the US never to be seen or tracked again.


Congress is congressionally mandated to create laws. Congress alone has the power to change laws. Once a bill has been passed the President must either sign it into law or veto the bill by sending it back to Congress. I cases where Congress chooses not to fix known errors in immigration laws the President can issue an Executive Order as a more temporary fix.


Former President Obama became frustrated with Congress and issued an Executive Order called Delayed Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This was an unconstitutional action on the part of the President, yet Congress did not resist or even object at the time.


President Trump gathered Congressional leadership from both sides of the isle and of both Chambers of Congress to address Comprehensive Immigration Reform and DACA which Congress chose not to act upon.


Immigration has been the lifeblood of the United States of America. Since the Pilgrims landed at Cape Cod, Massachusetts and founded Plymouth Colony in the new world. In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War migrants were settling along the East Coast, then moving westward into the interior. What we’ve had over the years are migrants coming here from virtually all over the globe. The admission criteria is constitutionally set by the President and can be slowed or even stopped if he so desires.


Although at times a problem, no President in recent history has taken serious steps to effect a radical change into the immigration laws until now. Since Congress has the constitutional authority to legislate, it only makes sense for Congress to take a serious look at the law and whether or not it should be amended. Why has it taken so long? Why is immigration still an issue?


The US Southern border with Mexico has been as porous as the waters of the Rio Grande which separates us. Not everyone or everything that crosses the border is good for America. Steps to tighten up the border crossings have been met with resistance, not so much with our neighbor to the south, but with our own United States Congress.


It is unconscionable that the President of the United States would have to task the United States Congress to take appropriate action on immigration reform. Upon taking office, one of the first acts President Trump undertook was to invite Congress to meet with him and to discuss Immigration and other matters. He said that Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) had been unconstitutional and needed to be fixed through proper legislation. He also said what was needed was Comprehensive Immigration Reform to plug some loopholes and enhance enforcement efforts with computer software and funding for a border wall.


What happened after than historic meeting? Nothing, well not exactly nothing, but complete and utter resistance by Congressional Democrats and Republicans. Instead of going back to the Capitol and getting to work the resistance movement began in earnest. When the President said he would not extend DACA upon its natural expiration, legal actions began to force the President to extend an unconstitutional Obama executive order.


Here we are 4 years down the road in the Trump Administration. Our border has been under attack just as if an invading army was beating down the gates demanding to gain admittance. Thousands of migrants have forged unimpeded across Central American and North American countries in their quest to enter the United States.


In the past it was apparent that a lot of financial “grease” has eased entry restrictions and allowed migrant convoys, under police escort all the way to the Tia Juana border areas outside the San Diego border crossing. It is also apparent that United States Citizens who are legal assistants or lawyers have gone into Mexico with “scripts” that instruct migrants how to respond to questions by Border Patrol and Asylum Judges in order to gain entrance under false pretenses by claiming political asylum. Not only are the migrants, but ANYONE who aids and assists them to cross the border illegally or unlawfully are breaking US Immigration Laws. The punishment can be denied entrance, imprisonment and fines. Those seeking entry can be permanently banned from entry. In some cases lawful immigrants can be deported and banned from re-entry into the US. Constitutionally the President can close down the Southern Border indefinitely or restrict entry to certain categories of persons able to enter.


President Trump is determined to have the Immigration Issue corrected not by executive order but as it should be done by Congress. He is also determined to construct a more permanent and proper wall or barrier to enhance existing barriers reducing or preventing unlawful crossings, drugs and human trafficking. It is the responsibility of the Government of the United States to ensure the safety and security of the American people, lawful residents and international visitors and to prevent unlawful entry.


When the President pleads with Congress to keep their focus on America first, he has been met with political posturing and total resistance. Certain members of Congress are set on doing the complete opposite of what they are asked or encouraged to do by the President, even when it endangers the lives of American citizens.


What has changed?


The President has changed criteria disallowing birth citizenship by illegal immigrants and stopping pregnant migrants from immigrating until after the baby is born. Catch and release is no more, migrants must wait in Mexico or their home country while waiting for an immigration hearing. Illegal migrant criminals are being deported in record numbers. Sanctuary cities and states will forfeit federal funding until they uphold federal law and stop protecting criminals. There is currently almost 200 miles of new or renewed border wall completed and 500 miles of wall is forecast by 2021. Illegal entry is down significantly and US communities are safer as a result.


As we approach the 2020 Presidential Election we’ve seen a virtual who’s who of craziness as Social-Democratic candidates are literally stepping all over each other in their attempt to “prove” who has what it takes to beat President Trump and stop the drain of the swamp (which they are actively part of). Voters must take a determined stand on principle over party, safety over lawlessness, sanity over insanity and VOTE STUPIDITY OUT OF OFFICE at every level and every election. The world you save may be your own! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


This Too Shall Pass




This Too Shall Pass


Remember the election of 2016 when there were a host of GOP favorites and 2 DNC candidates with Hillary Clinton being the “sure fire winner”? Well we know how that ended and we’re 4 years down the road and guess what Donald J. Trump is still your president!


Who is surprised that in 2020 there is 1 GOP incumbent and again 2 DNC candidates with Joe Biden being the “preordained” favorite of the DNC, while Bernie Sanders is fighting tooth and nail to take the nomination? Neither candidate has shown the explosive vision of a better America ahead. There has been a lot of political behind the scenes maneuvering and it’s rumored that big money talked and political candidates walked as if on cue!


There have been a number of extenuating circumstances coming to light that threatened to derail the re-election of President Donald Trump. Ukraine ignited a spark that led to a hasty impeachment of the President, fizzling out only to re-ignite into the Burisma investigation of Hunter Biden and the conflict of interest of presidential hopeful Joe Biden and others.


During the State of the Union address by President Trump America and the world watch as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi while constantly mumbling in the background tore up her official copy of the SOTU text handed to her by President Trump after he omitted shaking her hand.


The incessant cries of Russia, Russia, Russia turned into Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine and when that didn’t work the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer steps up to a microphone at a woman’s right to choose (a pro-abortion) rally in front of the Supreme Court of the United States and boisterously threatens two Supreme Court Justices (Kavanaugh and Gorsuch) all the while television cameras roll.  The backlash was instantaneous as Chief Justice Roberts issued a public reprimand and outraged members of Congress begun a process to censure Senator Schumer. This caused a couple of off-hand jokes where he said his upbringing was to blame and it wasn’t the SCOTUS he was referring to (clearly it was), but he aimed his comments at Republicans (while pointing to the Supreme Court).


Now think back on the past four years and see what diversionary tactics have come just before or immediately after an election – caravans of migrants trekking to the border. We’ve seen athletes representing the United States and/or professional sports figures kneeling during the national anthem over their fake outrage and utter hatred of President Trump. Major cities and states becoming “sanctuaries” for illegal and criminal aliens; refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies and releasing criminals onto the streets where many resort to immediate crime with impunity.


The tide is turning and very soon these sanctuary cities and states will feel the effects of withheld federal funding and an increased federal law enforcement presence to uphold the laws of the United States as illegal and criminal aliens will be deported in increasing numbers. American’s of all ages, races and political parties are becoming aware of corrupt politicians who badger and bully them in an attempt to get their vote to stay in power.


The bible tells us there is nothing new under the sun and we know that this too will pass…..I am the Real Truckmaster!